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Craft Beer Times | Hanabi Lager Purple Egyptian Helles #67 – Summer 2023 Review

Hanabi Lager Purple Egyptian Helles #67 – Summer 2023 Review

Hanabi Lager Purple Egyptian Helles #67 - Summer 2023Review
Hanabi Lager Purple Egyptian Helles #67 - Summer 2023Review
Hanabi Lager Purple Egyptian Helles #67 – Summer 2023 Review
The Quick Version
"Hanabi Lager Purple Egyptian Helles #67 - Summer 2023" offers beer enthusiasts a transcendent blend of the past and present, crafting a brew that's firmly rooted in history yet perfect for today's easygoing summer vibes. Inspired by the ancient Purple Egyptian grain, this lager impresses with a unique bouquet of fresh bread, grains, and citrus aromas, with a visually appealing golden yellow tint. Its taste strikes a delicate balance between light caramel maltiness and a refreshing, crisp bitterness, making it an ideal companion for relaxed summer days and social gatherings. Easy to drink with a light body, this beer encapsulates the essence of summer and stands out as a truly remarkable and rare addition to any beer lover's collection.
ABV: 4.6%
Brewery: Hanabi Lager Company
Reader Rating912 Votes

Sipping Through History: A Hanabi Lager Purple Egyptian Helles #67 – Summer 2023 Review

Summer is the time for lazy beach days, poolside chilling, and of course, cracking open a cold one. And if you’re on the hunt for a unique beer to add pizzazz to your summer sipping, you’ve got to check out Hanabi Lager Purple Egyptian Helles #67 – Summer 2023. So, get ready hops aficionados, this one’s brewed straight from the pages of history!

Unearthing an Ancient Brew

Picture this: a time-traveling beer brewed with wisdom straight from the Pharaohs. Hanabi Lager Purple Egyptian Helles #67 – Summer 2023 isn’t your average brew. This lager is the resurrected spirit of a charmingly rare grain, the Purple Egyptian, a gem uncovered along the venerable Nile River’s headwaters. It’s as if those wild roses of the past bloomed once more, each sip a floral firework letting those sparks fly!

Painting a Lager Like an Egyptian

Taste Aroma Visual Texture
Bread, spices, citrus Bready, grassy, grainy Golden yellow, light amber Soft, complex, high clarity

Visual appeal? Check. A bottle of Hanabi Lager Purple Egyptian Helles #67 – Summer 2023 is a sight for thirsty eyes. It pours a clear golden yellow with a teasing light amber tint. And talk about keeping a good head on your shoulders – or, well, on your beer, with some lovely lacing to boot!

Mouthfeel and Aromatics: A Symphony in a Bottle

Ah, the bouquet! This lager? It’s as if someone baked the freshest bread in a garden blooming with opium and flowers. There’s a cavalcade of notes – ancient grains, spices, and a zesty citrus kick, rounded out with a dash of minerals. But what really takes the cake is the mouthfeel; it’s like the liquid equivalent of a cloud – unbelievably soft and as complex as a high society drama show.

The Flavor Rollercoaster

Let’s dive into the taste. Ever experienced a flavor that’s light yet whispers layers of stories? Bask in the light caramel maltiness that hits just right, without tipping over into the sugary sweet abyss. What’s more, the balance is masterful – a light sweetness counterpoised with a ‘light plus’ bitterness, leaving you ready for the next sip. And crisp? As crisp as diving into a pool during a heatwave.

Easy Drinking For Those Easygoing Days

All this flavor, yet the lager’s as approachable as your best buddy. The body is light, the drinking, easy. It’s perfect for quenching that summer thirst or casually sipping at a barbecue as the grill works its magic. Alright, I might be just a little envious of Mike and his buddies, tasting this lovely Babe of Babylon at a November gathering.

Final Verdict on the Hanabi Lager Purple Egyptian Helles #67 – Summer 2023 Review

To wrap it up, Hanabi Lager Purple Egyptian Helles #67 – Summer 2023 is like the unicorn of summer beers. Its rarity, the exquisite blend of flavors, and that feeling of sipping on a potion from ancient times—it’s truly something else. Hanabi, you cheeky brewers, hats off to you for operating on a whole different plane of existence.

So there you have it, my fellow beer pilgrims. If you’ve been scouting for a beer that’s a conversation starter, a taste bud delight, and a history lesson all in one foamy package, look no further. Hanabi Lager Purple Egyptian Helles #67 – Summer 2023 will be the MVP of your cooler this season. Let’s raise our glasses high and toast to an ancient grain that’s come out to play under the modern sun! Here’s to a summer of discovery and refreshing brews, cheers!


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