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Craft Beer Times | Four Day Ray Brewing Review

Four Day Ray Brewing Review

Four Day Ray BrewingReview
Four Day Ray BrewingReview
Four Day Ray Brewing Review
The Quick Version
Four Day Ray Brewing is the quintessential spot for beer-lovers and food enthusiasts alike, promising an unforgettable experience with its dynamic blend of vintage and modern vibes, superb service, and culinary delights. With an inviting atmosphere that could very well become your next favorite haunt, the brewery is not just about sipping on their exceptional craft beers, like the narrative-driven Air Raid Pale Ale, but also about indulging in incredible eats such as the legendary fried pickles and the Drunken Dory. Four Day Ray offers a menu that makes Wisconsin envy their cheese curds and has a child-friendly grilled cheese capable of brokering world peace. Whether you're a hipster seeking a trendy spot or someone craving homely comfort with a side of friendly faces, Four Day Ray Brewing is the place to be—a place that has patrons singing its praises and eagerly coming back for more.
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Quench Your Thirst for the Exceptional at Four Day Ray Brewing

Hello there, my thirsty friends! Are you ready for a rollercoaster of flavors that’ll tickle your taste buds and warm your soul? Well, sit back, grab your favorite snack, and let me take you on a jolly jaunt through the vibrant world of Four Day Ray Brewing. Buckle up, because you’re about to dive into a frothy Four Day Ray Brewing review that’s as refreshing as their signature brews!

The Ambiance: Vintage Chic Meets Comfort

Picture this: a place where the past and present do the tango amidst the clinking of glasses. A little birdie – okay, a very satisfied customer – chirped to me that Four Day Ray Brewing masterfully blends vintage charm with modern flair. It’s spick-and-span and just waiting to become your go-to hangout spot. Imagine the delightful clanging of forks and knives as the scent of mouth-watering meals beckons you to dig in. This isn’t just another pub; it’s an experience, the kind that you’ll tell your grandkids about.

Service with a Smile and a Side of Awesome

Now, let’s talk about the MVPs of Four Day Ray Brewing – the staff. There’s Am, a server turned experience-maker, who might as well be crowned the queen of hospitality. Customers rave about her thoughtful gestures and charmingly friendly service, making each visit not just memorable, but downright legendary. It’s like going over to your favorite aunt’s house, if your aunt was a craft beer genius and your house was a gastronomic temple.

Gastronomic Delights: A Palate Parade

Foodies, I’m talking to you now. Get ready to be wowed by a feast fit for the gods. From crunchy, perfectly fried pickles that could easily earn a spot in the Fried Pickles Hall of Fame, to veggie flatbreads that have all the green goodness your heart desires – it’s a veg-tastic delight! And let’s not forget the Drunken Dory, a dish so good it could make a sea captain sing. Word on the street is that the fries are the sidekick every main dish dreams about, and the tartar sauce? Oh boy, that stuff is like the fairy godmother of condiments, subtle yet magical.

Beer: The Hoppy Heart of Four Day Ray Brewing

Summon all craft beer enthusiasts! You’ve hit the jackpot with FDR’s liquid gold. A pint of Air Raid Pale Ale, a swig of Hot Pink, a toast with Celebrity #6, each brew more divine than the last. Each sip tells a story, bursting with notes of banana, orange creamsicle, and even a surprise hint of pie – because beer is the dessert of drinks, my friends. Just when you think you’ve got all the flavors figured out, bam! A spice kick that’s like a high-five to your taste buds. It’s the M. Night Shyamalan of brews – expect the unexpected.

Did Someone Say Cheese Curds and Pork Tenderloins?

Oh yes, we did. Walk into Four Day Ray Brewing expecting great beer, only to stumble upon the El Dorado of munchies. We’re talking about cheese curds that could make Wisconsin jealous and a pork tenderloin sandwich that’s the talk of the town. And let’s not overlook the child’s menu – it’s the hidden gem with a grilled cheese that’s so good, it could probably negotiate peace treaties.

Hipster Haven or Homely Hangout?

In a neighborhood that’s as trendy as your latest Instagram post, Four Day Ray Brewing sits like a crown jewel. It’s the bridge between industrial chic and upscale comfort. Whether you’re there to people-watch, dog-watch, or just indulge in a beer that’s as fresh as your playlist, it’s got you covered. Be warned though, the freshly cooked chips are so good they might just jump out of the basket in excitement.

And let me spill a little secret – their collab brews are to die for. Like the ‘Where There’s Smoke There’s Porter,’ a drink so delectably smoky, you’ll want to write sonnets about it.

Final Pour: Would We Recommend?

In a heartbeat, dear reader! Whether you’re a craft beer aficionado, a gourmet hunter, or just someone who appreciates a darn good meal, Four Day Ray Brewing hits the mark. It’s all the razzle-dazzle of great food, electrifying beer, and an atmosphere that just makes you want to say, “Cheers to life!”

So, there you have it. A Four Day Ray Brewing review that’s as hearty as their ale and as satisfying as their culinary masterpieces. Head over, take a sip, and join the chorus of happy patrons singing the praises of this delightful spot. After all, any place that gets this much love must be doing something right. Remember to drink responsibly, and don’t forget to tip your server – especially if it’s Am!


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.

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