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Craft Beer Times | Shipp Brothers Brewing Restaurant & Taproom Review

Shipp Brothers Brewing Restaurant & Taproom Review

Shipp Brothers Brewing Restaurant & TaproomReview
Shipp Brothers Brewing Restaurant & TaproomReview
Shipp Brothers Brewing Restaurant & Taproom Review
The Quick Version
"Shipp Brothers Brewing Restaurant & Taproom" emerges as a mixed bounty of experiences for the adventurous drinker and diner. With self-service beer taps and a unique ambiance praised by patrons, one feels the promise of a novel tavern adventure. However, the voyage is not without its squalls; service sometimes falters, leaving diners adrift without proper attention, and while some dishes like the jalapeño popper burger receive cheers, others walk the plank of mediocrity. The beer remains the crowning jewel of this establishment, with a selection worth the voyage, even as some suggest timing your visit for the treasure trove of happy hour deals. This mixed bag of reviews is a treasure map with 'X' marking both spots of joyful discovery and islands best sailed past, inviting you to chart your own course in the world of Shipp Brothers.
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Suds and Grub: A Dive into Shipp Brothers Brewing Restaurant & Taproom

Ahoy there, beer aficionados and food connoisseurs! Let’s cast off on a frothy adventure through the wondrous world of Shipp Brothers Brewing Restaurant & Taproom, where the ale flows as freely as the Mississippi and the grub’s as hearty as Paul Bunyan’s breakfast. On a quest for the most nonpareil taproom treasure, I’ve scavenged the seven seas—or at least the internet’s vast ocean of reviews—to bring you the down-low on this gasconading gastronomic galley.

The Good-Ship Ambiance and Gastronomic Glee

Imagine walking the plank into a realm where the golden hue of freshly poured libations glimmers with promise. That’s right, mateys, the first thing that’ll shiver ye timbers is the vibe of the place. We’ve got a cabin boy who recounts tales of his first voyage to this bastion of brews just last December, commenting on the ample space and scrumptious eats, with a Cobb salad so vast, he nearly sent out a search party to find the edge of the plate! Promising to return for quesadillas, his jolly roger rises high for this establishment.

Setting Sail for Self-Service

But it’s not just about the food, my hearties. This be a place where the innovation of self-serve beer taps is as exciting as finding a treasure map. Hoist your mug and embark on your own beer journey without having to wait for some scallywag to pour it for ye! It’s a buccaneer’s dream, but keep a weather eye out; even the most pioneering vessel can hit rough waters.

Landlubbers in Service

Sadly, not all is smooth sailing. On this ship, you might find yourself adrift in seas of confusion over an absentee cutler or serviette. Some patrons have hoisted the flag of discontent, signaling a lax approach from the crew—hostesses and the like basking in chit-chat instead of shipshape service. Aye, beware the Bermuda Triangle of forgotten tableware, me hearties.

A Sandwich Short of a Picnic

When it comes to the galley’s offerings, there be tales of mismatched expectations—a bologna sandwich as bare as Blackbeard’s dome, some tavern’s grub that wouldn’t pass muster in the Queen’s Navy. And whilst the ale is worth its weight in gold, some scurvy seadogs suggest only dropping anchor during happy hour. By Davy Jones’ locker, those beers are a steal, but a full belly of food may require a mightier purse.

Choose Ye Own Flight of Fancy

Yet, despair not! For there be golden opinions amidst the grog talk! Ye olde classics of beer selection and the joy of constructing yer own flight are lauded by buccaneers near and far! Why, you may no more need a barkeep than a fish needs a bicycle. But, alas, heed these travelers’ tales—pick your port wisely when you berth, lest you end up at a rickety table, cozying up to your neighbor’s trinkets instead of savoring the briny deep of a well-crafted ale.

No Quarter for Queasy Cuisine

Avast! The winds change yet again with praise for the cannon blast of flavors from the kitchen—a jalapeño popper burger so fine it could soothe the surliest of sea dogs. But, be ye warned, not every dish is Davy Jones’ treasure. Tales of charcoal-kissed bacon and overseasoned, less-than-fresh seafood could quell even the hungriest marauder’s appetite. Batten down the hatches, me hearty, and steer clear of the fish tacos of doom.

A Brew Worth the Voyage

Artifacts of tastier times emerge from the galley—the burgers, like trusted shipmates, hold fast in quality, and the siren call of the beer wall can enchant a weary traveler with its crafty charms. Alas, the quest for chilled glassware continues unresolved—journey on, ye seekers of frosty mugs.

Charting a Course for the Next Adventure

To cap it off, some sea dogs ponder their next parley, eyeing the distant shores of the Shipp Brothers locale in Mt. Vernon for hopefully superior spoils. Until then, gather ’round, shipmates, and take heed—this spot’s brews are the North Star of their constellation, but navigate the culinary galley with care.

In closing, my Shipp Brothers Brewing Restaurant & Taproom Review logbook is a brimming quiver of varied arrows—some hitting bullseyes of delight, others dredging up Davy Jones’ locker. Are ye brave enough to set sail for this adventure? May the wind be in yer sails and yer mug never empty!


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.

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