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Craft Beer Times | Black Craft Beer Renaissance: Funkytown’s Bold Chicago Brews

Black Craft Beer Renaissance: Funkytown’s Bold Chicago Brews

Black Craft Beer

Introduction: Brewing Up a Storm in the Windy City

Welcome, dear reader, to the frothy and flavorful saga of craft beer in Chicago! Now, if you’re whispering “Black Craft Beer” to yourself with a twinkle in your eye, you’re in for a treat. We’re about to embark on a bubbly journey into the story of Funkytown Brewery, the beacon of Black-owned beermanship in a city renowned for its gusto for hops and barley.

The Birth of a Brewery: From Garage to Glory

Imagine this: In the heart of Logan Square, a trio of visionaries, armed with nothing but their brew kettles and zeal, stirred up a storm one pint at a time. Funkytown Brewery, what started in a humble garage, soon skyrocketed to stardom, fueled by a brew that’s as cool as its name—Hip Hops and R&Brew. This pale ale, with a tropical twist, danced its way into the hearts of Chicagoans faster than you can say “cheers”!

It was a ‘Eureka!’ moment, a flash of genius when the usual yeast went amiss and, in its place, a serendipitous substitute led to the creation of that smooth, tropical symphony that is Hip Hops and R&Brew. Lo and behold, an icon was born, a sip-worthy staple that defined Funkytown’s brewing determination

A Trio with a Vision: Championing Diversity in the Beer Industry

Meet the maestros—Rich Bloomfield, Greg Williams, and Zack Day. This dynamic trio isn’t just about crafting ale; they’re pouring their souls and Black cultural influences into each keg. With every pop of a Funkytown cap, they’re harmonizing the rich tones of craft beer culture with notes of their heritage and pride.

It was more than just bringing a new flavor to Chicago’s craft beer soirees or popping up at diverse Chicago breweries; their mission was as clear as the finest lager—brew inclusivity into an industry ripe for revolution. Funkytown isn’t just a brand; it’s a movement.

Beer Branding with a Beat: How Funkytown Harmonizes Flavor and Culture

If you think branding is just slapping a snazzy label on a bottle, my friend, you have not met the Funkytown Brewery lineup. Their beer branding is a rhythmic fusion of taste and heritage. Each bottle is a melody, each design an homage to the beat that powers the heart of their Black-owned brewery.

From the Chicago-infused sass of the Woo-Wap-Da-Bam to the HBCUs spirit exalted in their Homecoming Brew, it’s clear that these bottles croon a chorus of community and culture. It’s an invitation to taste, to savor, and to see yourself echoed in the craft you’re holding—a vision that’s pure genius, really.

The Hops that Landed a Hundred Locations: Crafting a Chicago Legacy

The air of success is as fragrant as hops at harvest—and Funkytown’s achievements are testament to their brewing brilliance. With more than a hundred loving homes for their beers across Chicago, they’ve hopped past the status of scrappy upstarts to local legends.

From neighborhood taprooms to the coveted accolades of beer competition triumphs, Funkytown’s craft has woven itself into the city’s fabric. Sprinkle in a dash of market recognition and it’s clear—this ain’t just a brewery, it’s a legacy in the making.

A Toast to the Future: Plans to Brew Greater Community Engagement

Beyond their storefront ambitions and expanding the ranks of independent breweries, Funkytown dreams bigger. They’re not just brewing beer; they’re crafting hubs of community engagement, where every pint serves a purpose greater than quenching thirst.

The brewmasters envision a place where a kaleidoscope of faces finds fellowship over foamy mugs—a place where the doors swing open wide to embrace beer industry diversity from all corners of Chicago.

Conclusion: Celebrating Every Sip of Change

We’ve swirled through the inspirations and aspirations of Funkytown Brewery like a fine ale in a goblet. With each bottle, can, and keg, they’re transforming the narrative of Black Craft Beer, one hoppy, caramel-noted, or tropical sip at a time.

Remember, whether you’re into the Woo-Wap-Da-Bam, swaying to the spirit of HBCUs with the Homecoming Brew, or simply savoring those smooth caramel notes—Black Craft Beer is more than a drink; it’s a vibe. So, let’s raise a glass to the flavors, the culture, and the community bringing change, one crafty creation at a time. Cheers, Chicago! 🍻


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.