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Craft Beer Times | Craft Beer Industry Unwraps Christmas Data & Deals on Brewbound Podcast

Craft Beer Industry Unwraps Christmas Data & Deals on Brewbound Podcast

Craft Beer Industry Unwraps Christmas Data & Deals on Brewbound Podcast

Welcome to the Craft Beer Christmas Season!

What’s Brewing in the World of Craft Beer Data?

If you’re a craft beer lover, the festive season is truly one of the most exciting times of the year. As the air gets crisp and the aroma of pine trees fills the air, thoughts often turn to warming up with a delicious pint of craft beer. This year, despite the pandemic, the holiday season remains up and running, and the Brewbound podcast has a plethora of information for beer enthusiasts.

In recent news, the Brewbound podcast has unveiled a brand-new episode, in which experts spill on craft beer data updates. The podcast features interviews with data analysts, marketing experts, and brewery owners who discuss sales trends, the state of the market, their projection on the future of the business, among other fascinating insights.

The Christmas season is the peak time for craft beer sales, and many brewers have been on their toes to capitalize on this occasion. Brewbound’s episode zeroes in on the data behind the season’s sales and how businesses should adjust their marketing and production to make the most of the boom. The podcast conversation also examines the impact of the pandemic and how it has affected previous sales trends.

A Deal on Craft Beer? That’s a Steal!

In addition to the craft beer data updates, the Brewbound podcast is also diving into the world of craft-on-craft deals. In the past few years, mergers and acquisitions have become commonplace in the craft beer industry, and breweries are either acquiring other established breweries or being bought out themselves.

The craft beer industry is extremely competitive, and such deals are often necessary to survive in the saturated market and maintain consumer relevance. They also offer a chance for brewers to acquire the necessary resources to boost production and distribution, as well as crucial brewery equipment.

One of the most recent deals on the headline is the partnership between Molson Coors and the LA-based craft brewery, Harland Brewing Company. This partnership is expected to increase Harland’s production and help them scale their brand. It also testifies to the attractiveness of the craft beer market for large corporations.


Given the uncertainty that the pandemic has brought into the marketplace this year, the Brewbound podcast’s latest episode is timely and informative for anyone interested in the business of craft beer. In a year when the industry has been hit hard, brewers are still resiliently spreading joy with their craft beer products. This year’s craft beer Christmas season is one that shouldn’t be missed, so grab a pint, sit back and listen to the Brewbound podcast.


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.

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