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Craft Beer Times | Craft Beer Trends 2024: Sipping on the Future of Ale

Craft Beer Trends 2024: Sipping on the Future of Ale

Craft beer trends 2024

Hop into the Future: The Most Exciting Craft Beer Trends of 2024

Welcome to the frothy frontier of 2024! As we pop the cap off the New Year, you can spill your ale in excitement because we have a tankard full of predictions just for you. This article hops into the heart of what’s brewing, giving you a flight of the most tantalizing craft beer trends of 2024. Let’s raise a glass to the future and dive into what makes the beer world so intoxicatingly fun!

The Sober Revolution in Craft Beer

If you thought craft beer was just about the buzz, think again! The sober revolution has taken the beer world by storm, with non-alcoholic beers, or as the cool kids call it “NA beer options,” stepping into the limelight. The big kahuna, Guinness, has even crafted an authentic stout without the alcohol—cheers to that! And the sober splendor doesn’t stop there: NA wine, apple cider, kombucha, and sparkling waters are bubbling up with flavor, bridging the gap between sip-worthy and guilt-free.

Industry juggernauts and boutique brewers alike are pouring innovation into their NA offerings, ensuring that whether you’re hoisting a stout or a spritzer, you’re in for a quality quaff. It’s not just about skipping the hangover; it’s about savoring the complexity of a well-crafted beverage. This trend is fermenting a whole new kind of craft culture, where flavor hops on the wagon and sobriety doesn’t mean missing out.

Social Media & Brewery Events

Who said weeknights are just for Netflix and takeout? Social media has become the ultimate wingman for breweries, helping them spread the word faster than gossip in a small town. From trivia night to crafty shenanigans, breweries are not just places to savor suds—they’re becoming the hottest spots for weeknight whimsy and community camaraderie. These events are not just for kicks; they’re brewing up some serious business, stirrin’ up the social hops—and I’m not talking IPAs here!

Thanks to Insta-stories and Tweets, every pint becomes part of a larger narrative, with every sip hashtagged to storytelling perfection. This digital clinking of glasses has fermented a frothy blend of virtual and real-life engagement, where sharing a brew also means sharing a pic, a post, or even a boomerang. So grab your mug and your phone, and let’s make some memories!

Back to Basics

Ride the wave of the IPA explosion back to the serene shores of classic beer styles. Remember Extra Special Bitter? Or how about a frothy Scotch Ale? These are the relics of the beery past making a spectacular comeback. The Ale Archaeologist in all of us yearns for simpler times, where a Brown Ale could bring out tales of yore and a White Beer illuminated even the darkest of taverns.

These traditional trickles represent a return to the roots, unfussing the beer scene with their straightforward charm. They cater to the palate that thirsts for history, for the uncluttered notes of heritage hops and malts. It seems we’re all taking a little sip of the past to quench our future thirsts.

Big Beer’s Strategy

In the clash of kegs, David meets Goliath all over again as the big beer behemoths gobble up regional breweries. With acquisitions like New Belgium brewery under their belts, major players are drawing new battle lines around tastebud territories. It’s like “Game of Thrones” but with more beer and fewer dragons (sadly).

This could spell a twist for craft beer aficionados. As the heavyweight brewers play a game of monopoly, beer buffs might wonder whether they’re tasting a bona fide craft creation or a corporate concoction. How will this power play affect our beloved brews? Only time—and perhaps the next sip—will tell.

Ingredient Innovation

Buckle up, folks; we’re on an express elevator to the upper echelons of beverage brilliance! Experimental hops are hopping, new malt choices are malting, and beer ingredient sourcing has turned into a globe-trotting adventure. The beer scene is mixing it up like a mad scientist in a malt laboratory, sparking a renaissance in the art of ale.

This brew-haha of innovation is not just about adding new bubbles to the beer; it’s about pushing the boundaries of what we consider a traditional tipple. Expect audacious ales with a trace of tropical or a hint of herb. These are not your granddad’s grogs; these are bold, brazen, and ready to redefine the pint as we know it.

One-of-a-Kind Brews

Get your taste buds ready for the avant-garde of ales, the Picasso of pints—keg and cask infusions! Picture this: a coffee pale ale that wakes you up with its rich aroma before it calms you down with its smooth finish. These infusions are not just beers; they’re ephemeral masterpieces that make ‘limited edition’ an understatement.

You snooze, you lose—quite literally—as these brews are here today, gone tomorrow. The chase makes the prize that much sweeter, and the exclusivity? Oh, that’s just the cherry on top of this hoppy sundae. It’s the thrill of the hunt that makes being a beer hunter an exclusive club for the adventurous ale aficionado.

The Beer Traveler

Who said beer was just for barstools? Destination drinking is pouring new life into tourism with beer vacations leading the charge. Fancy a frolic through the Twin Ports breweries? It’s more than just about the drink in your hand; it’s about where that drink transports you. Forget postcards; bring back a growler!

This globetrotting gulp isn’t just about a change in scenery; it’s about a wealth of local tastes at every stop. Whether you’re in it for the lagers or the landscapes, the stout or the sights, beer travel is craft culture without borders. So pack your bags and passport—next round’s on another continent!

Light and Sprightly

Raise your pints to the surge of dry, easy-drinking brews that prove less can indeed be more. Celebrate the Champagne IPA, an effervescent escapade that captivates without the capitulation of taste. Session beers have hit the limelight, letting us savor each swig without worry or wobble.

The mantra “drink less, drink better” is not just a fad; it’s a philosophy. It’s about enjoying the richness of a brew without the weight, about sipping on a sud that’s light as air yet packed with flair. This trend is here to stay, raising the bar and the spirits of discerning drinkers everywhere.

Convenience in a Can

Ready to drink? So are the cans. Ready-to-drink beverages and hard seltzer have popped open a whole new market that’s bubbling over with enthusiasm. Traditional brews better watch their backs because these RTDs are racing to the cooler faster than you can say “cheers!”

Craft breweries are hopping on board the RTD train, canning up innovation to quench a thirst that craves convenience without cutting corners on craft. These tinnies tackle the trifecta of taste, portability, and variety. So whether you’re summiting a peak or sprinting to a picnic, an artisanal adventure is just a pop-top away.

Mixing it up

Wave goodbye to beer boredom! Wheat beers and blended brews are shaking things up, with combinations like stout meets cherry ale painting our palates with a spectrum of flavors. This mixing magic is not just the brainchild of eccentric brewers; bartenders are the real Picassos of pilsners, casting spells over each concoction.

And let’s not forget the role of local beer halls in this effervescent endeavor! These taverns of togetherness transform from humble watering holes to centers of societal sip-offs. Here, the saying “everyone knows your name” is more than a catchy sitcom tune—it’s the anthem of a frothy fellowship that’s been brewing for centuries.


There you have it! From the inventive to the intuitive, from the revolutionary to the retrospective, craft beer trends in 2024 are a cornucopia of hoppy happenings and malty marvels. These trends are vats of liquid legacies, brimming with innovation, borne of tradition, and imbued with a sense of community that would make any brewer, past or present, proud.

Let’s toast to a year chock-full of lively libations and brewing bonanzas. To all the beer lovers, brewers, and bibbers—may your mugs always be full and your spirits higher than the foam on a freshly-poured pint. Cheers to 2024, a year of craft beer charisma!

Author Bio

At the helm of our beer voyage is none other than Dave Hoops, a seasoned ship captain in the vast ocean of suds. Hoisting his experience above the mast, Dave navigates us through the craft beer trends of 2024 with the ease of a brewer who’s seen more barrels than a pirate’s treasure trove. His wisdom in this article isn’t just froth on the pint; it’s the yeast that makes the craft beer world rise. Salute the savant, and sip on his insights—after all, a good brewmaster is like a lighthouse guiding us through the foggy ale abyss. Cheers, Dave!


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.