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Craft Beer Times | DISCUS Conference: Examining Spirit Growth-Drivers, Cross-Product Regulation, and Legislative Ramp Up

DISCUS Conference: Examining Spirit Growth-Drivers, Cross-Product Regulation, and Legislative Ramp Up

DISCUS Conference: Examining Spirit Growth-Drivers, Cross-Product Regulation, and Legislative Ramp Up

The Path of Spirit Growth-Drivers: Insights from DISCUS Conference

The Promising Future of Spirit Industry

At the recent DISCUS Conference, experts from the spirits industry gathered to discuss the future growth-drivers and the challenges faced in crossover product regulation and legislative ramp-up. The event brought together participants from various sectors, including producers, distributors, and policy makers, shedding light on the exciting prospects ahead for the spirit industry.

With emerging trends in mixology, craft distilling, and the rise of consumer interest in premium spirits, the future looks promising for the growth of the industry. Consumers are becoming more discerning and adventurous in their choices, seeking unique and high-quality spirit products. The conference identified this as a key driver for growth, suggesting that producers should focus on expanding their product lines to cater to this evolving demand.

Craft Distilling: A Game-Changer

One of the most significant developments discussed at the conference was the impact of craft distilling. Craft distilleries have been flourishing in recent years, bringing innovative and artisanal spirits to the market. This movement has contributed to the revival of traditional distillation practices and the creation of unique flavors that captivate consumers.

The consensus among attendees was that craft distilling presents an exciting opportunity for growth in the spirits industry, especially for smaller, independent producers. However, challenges regarding regulations and licensing were also underlined, and the participants stressed the need for more streamlined processes to encourage growth and innovation within this sector.

Challenges and Regulation in Crossover Products

Crossover products, characterized by the blending or infusion of spirits with other beverages or ingredients, have gained popularity among consumers. From ready-to-drink cocktails to flavored spirits, these products offer convenience and new taste experiences. However, their regulation poses a challenge for both producers and policymakers.

During the conference, industry experts pointed out the need for comprehensive regulations that embrace innovation while ensuring consumer safety and transparency. Striking the right balance requires collaboration between industry leaders and regulatory bodies to address concerns and create a framework that fosters responsible growth in the crossover product segment.

The Legislative Ramp Up: Navigating the Changing Landscape

The spirits industry is no stranger to the impact of legislation on its operations. The conference addressed the importance of understanding and adapting to the ever-changing legislative landscape. This includes staying updated with new laws, tax changes, and labelling requirements, as well as engaging with policymakers to shape future regulations.

Participants emphasized the significance of proactive industry involvement in shaping legislation, as it allows for a more informed and balanced approach that considers the interests of all stakeholders. Furthermore, building strong relationships with policymakers can help create an environment where innovation can thrive while meeting societal expectations.


The DISCUS Conference shed light on the dynamic nature of the spirits industry and the opportunities that lie ahead. By embracing trends such as craft distilling, addressing challenges in crossover product regulation, and actively participating in shaping legislation, the industry can continue its growth trajectory while ensuring accountability and sustainable practices. As consumers become more adventurous with their choices, it is an exciting time for the spirit industry to innovate, diversify, and thrive.


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.

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