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Craft Beer Times | Exciting Partnership: Optimism Brewing to Join Forces with Stoup Brewing

Exciting Partnership: Optimism Brewing to Join Forces with Stoup Brewing

Exciting Partnership: Optimism Brewing to Join Forces with Stoup Brewing

Optimism Brewing Announces Planned Sale to Stoup Brewing


In an exciting turn of events, Optimism Brewing, the beloved craft brewery located in Seattle, Washington, has announced its planned sale to Stoup Brewing. This unexpected announcement has sent shockwaves through the local craft beer community, sparking both curiosity and concern among loyal customers and enthusiasts alike.


Optimism Brewing, known for its innovative and daring beer creations, has been a fixture in the Seattle beer scene since its opening in 2015. The brewery quickly gained a devoted following due to its commitment to quality, creative brews, and vibrant atmosphere. With its ample space for gathering and hosting events, Optimism Brewing became a popular spot for locals and visitors to relax, socialize, and indulge in delicious craft beer.

A Sip of Stoup Brewing

Stoup Brewing, on the other hand, has a similarly impressive reputation within the craft beer community. Located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Stoup Brewing has been crafting exceptional beers since their establishment in 2013. Known for their award-winning IPAs and seasonal specialties, the brewery has garnered a loyal fan base through their consistent quality and dedication to the craft. The vibrant taproom of Stoup Brewing has become a go-to spot for beer enthusiasts seeking both new and classic beer styles.

The Planned Sale

With both Optimism Brewing and Stoup Brewing already well-established and respected breweries in the city, the planned sale comes as a surprise to many. While the specifics of the deal have not been disclosed, it is clear that this acquisition represents a significant step for Stoup Brewing in expanding its reach and influence within the craft beer industry.

What Does It Mean for Optimism Brewing?

For Optimism Brewing, this sale could potentially lead to exciting opportunities for growth and innovation. Collaborations between the two breweries could result in a fusion of unique beer styles and flavors, offering customers a wider range of options to choose from. Additionally, with Stoup Brewing’s established distribution network and resources, Optimism Brewing’s beers could reach a larger audience outside of the Seattle area.

Implications for the Craft Beer Scene

The planned sale also raises questions about the overall landscape of the craft beer scene in Seattle. With the consolidation of two prominent breweries, smaller and newer entrants to the market may find it increasingly challenging to compete. However, it is worth noting that the craft beer community is known for its collaborative spirit, and this acquisition could potentially pave the way for further partnerships and cooperation among breweries in the area.

The Future of Craft Beer in Seattle

As the deal between Optimism Brewing and Stoup Brewing moves forward, the Seattle craft beer scene eagerly awaits the unfolding of this new chapter. Filled with anticipation and speculation, beer enthusiasts hope that this acquisition will bring forth exciting collaborations, new beer styles, and expanded opportunities for the city’s craft beer industry as a whole.

A Cheers to Optimism and Stoup Brewing

Ultimately, the planned sale between Optimism Brewing and Stoup Brewing is a testament to the strength and adaptability of the craft beer industry. It highlights the constant evolution, growth, and pursuit of excellence that craft breweries strive for every day. Whether you’re a fan of Optimism Brewing, Stoup Brewing, or simply a lover of craft beer, let’s raise a glass and toast to the future possibilities that this collaboration may bring.


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.

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