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Craft Beer Times | Guilt Trip Gloucester: Culinary and Entertainment Haven in the Docks

Guilt Trip Gloucester: Culinary and Entertainment Haven in the Docks

Guilt Trip Gloucester: Culinary and Entertainment Haven in the Docks

Guilt Trip Gloucester: A Culinary and Entertainment Destination

Guilt Trip Gloucester: A Culinary and Entertainment Haven

Guilt Trip Gloucester, the latest addition to the vibrant Gloucester Docks area, has emerged from the transformation of the beloved Tank bar. This new culinary and entertainment destination offers a unique blend of daytime indulgences and evening revelry, catering to the diverse tastes of Gloucester’s residents and visitors.

A Culinary Transformation

Guilt Trip Gloucester has quickly established itself as a daytime haven for culinary enthusiasts. The venue’s signature blend of coffee, locally made doughnuts, brownies, sausage rolls, and toasties tantalizes taste buds and satisfies every craving. As the evening descends, the atmosphere transforms into a vibrant nightlife spot, continuing the legacy of its predecessor with an array of local craft beer, cocktails, and a delectable food menu.

A New Focus for Gloucester Brewery

The transformation of Tank into Guilt Trip Gloucester has allowed Gloucester Brewery to focus its efforts on its Warehouse 4 venue at Fox’s Kiln. This nearby location has become the hub for live entertainment in Gloucester, hosting comedy nights, drag bingo, and live music every Friday and Saturday. Popular events that were once synonymous with Tank, such as the Monday Quiz and Wednesday Acoustic nights, have found a new home at Warehouse 4, ensuring the continuation of these beloved community activities.

Collaborative Events and Future Endeavors

The collaboration between Gloucester Brewery and Guilt Trip Gloucester promises exciting events on the horizon. An Easter Beer and Music Festival, scheduled from March 29 to 31, exemplifies the unique experiences these two establishments will offer. This partnership aims to blend the best of both worlds, combining culinary delights with an exceptional selection of beers.

Embracing Local and Community

Guilt Trip Gloucester and Gloucester Brewery are committed to supporting local businesses and fostering a vibrant community atmosphere. The venue’s menu showcases fresh produce from local suppliers, and the craft beer on tap highlights the exceptional brews of Gloucester’s independent breweries. The establishments also host regular events that bring together the local community, such as quizzes, live music, and special themed nights.

A Legacy Continued

While some may have been initially saddened by the transformation of Tank, the response from Guilt Trip Gloucester has been overwhelmingly positive. The venue has retained the essence of its predecessor while evolving to offer an even more diverse and engaging experience. The spirit of innovation and community engagement that defined Tank will continue to thrive under its new guise, making Guilt Trip Gloucester a destination for locals and visitors alike to indulge, unwind, and connect.


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