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Craft Beer Times | Ladd & Lass Brewing Anniversary: Seattle’s Beer Bash Bonanza

Ladd & Lass Brewing Anniversary: Seattle’s Beer Bash Bonanza

Ladd & Lass Brewing Anniversary

Cheers to Two Years of Craft Beer Excellence at Ladd & Lass Brewing

Hey there, hop heads and malt mavens! Gather ’round because it’s time to raise a glass—Ladd & Lass Brewing is toasting to two frothy years in the Seattle brewery craft beer scene. If you haven’t heard the buzz around the University District brewery, let me fill you in. This hoppening place flowed into action after taking over the reins from Floating Bridge Brewing and has since been creating waves of wows with their sumptuous suds. As we pour into the memories, we’re celebrating all the milestones from those early days of bright-eyed brewing to their current reign as barley bosses.

Event Extravaganza: What to Expect at The Ladd & Lass Brewing Anniversary Celebration

Now, to the main event! The Ladd & Lass Brewing Anniversary shindig is kicking off on the first two Saturdays this January and you’re invited to the party. Are you ready to jot down the deets? From noon to the bewitching beer hour of 10 pm, the taproom will be brimming with special activities. We’re talking a specialty barleywine showcase with a nostalgic nod to their first ever bottled batch—cheers to Barrel-aged Year 1! Plus, pile your plate high with goodies from local faves Oskar’s Pizza and Sweet Dream Bakes. And Stout Day? It’s more like Stout Rendezvous, with a quartet of dark and dreamy beer variants waiting to waltz with your tastebuds.

Indeed, it’s not all about the ale, folks. Toady Town’s going to pop your art cherry with his extraordinary tiny paintings, so you can go home with more than just a beer buzz. It’s a beertastic bash boasting the best from Seattle’s local beer scene.

Raise Your Glass to Exclusive Anniversary Brews and Merchandise

And what’s an anniversary without exclusivity, right? Ladd & Lass Brewing is rolling out the red carpet for their first-ever commemorative Rastal glass. You’ll want to get your paws on this perfect-for-pouring vessel. There’s no better way to honor the brew-tiful journey than sipping on their anniversary beer variants from these stylish glasses. But, here’s a hot tip—make sure to visit starting from Barleywine Day because once they’re gone, consider it a beer mirage.

In the spirit of brewery anniversaries, there’s also talk of some taproom exclusive flights that’ll give your palate a high-flying adventure across barleywine and stout territories. Strap in; it’s going to be a lip-smacking lift-off!

Securing Your Spot: Tickets, Reservations, and VIP Experiences at Ladd & Lass Brewing

Listen up, eager beavers! If you’re already frothing to join, you might want to know a thing or two about snagging your spot at this brewery bash. Spot reservations are going fast, so don’t dilly-dally! For the details on how to get your mitts on those coveted tickets or to learn about some very important pint (VIP) deals and packages, mosey on down to their website or taproom. Pro tip: plan ahead to avoid the dreaded FOMO!

Toasting to Tradition and Triumphs: The Inspirational Journey of Ladd & Lass Brewing

Who’s behind this keg-filled fiesta? It’s none other than the dynamic duo, Nick Ladd and Jessie Quan. These brewery founders have crafted more than just beer; they’ve brewed a legacy. From placing in the Top 21 of the Alpha King Challenge to collaborations that have the craft beer community all aflutter, not to mention their $6,000 hug to local charities—this petite powerhouse team pours their heart and hops into every batch.

And let’s not forget about those shiny medals jangling in their taproom—nine to be precise—proving that in the world of Washington beer, size truly doesn’t matter; it’s all about the flavor, baby!

Community Cheers: Ladd & Lass Brewing’s Charitable Spirit and Anniversary Festivities

Celebrations and social conscience go hand in hand at Ladd & Lass Brewing. Their brewery anniversary isn’t just a party; it’s a heartfelt high-five to the community. In between pints and eats, take a moment to appreciate their commitment to giving back, with charitable donations that warm the heart faster than a strong stout warms the belly. Coming together with beer enthusiasts and local legends, they’re lending a helping hand while lifting spirits—both figuratively and literally!

Planning Your Visit: Transportation Tips and Nearby Accommodations for Ladd & Lass Enthusiasts

If you’re jetting in from out of town or just want to avoid the hassle of car conundrums, fear not! The U District is accessible by all sorts of wheels—buses, bikes, and a trusty pair of sneakers (perfect after a few brews). And if you’re in need of a nearby nest to roost post-celebration, there’s a flock of hotels and B&Bs that’ll happily harbor hop lovers for the night. All you need is a quick search online, and you’ll be set faster than you can say “double IPA.”

A Toast to Ladd & Lass Brewing – Forward into Year Three and Beyond

Alright, folks, that’s my spiel on the Ladd & Lass Brewing Anniversary celebrations! It’s more than just a beer event; it’s a tapestry of tastes, triumphs, and community tales woven together by the craft beer wool. So come on down, immerse yourself in the Seattle craft beer goodness, and be part of their unfolding story. Who knows what their third year will brew up, but one thing’s for frothy sure—it’ll be a journey worth toasting to again and again!

Now, enough talk—grab your calendar and mark those dates. Let’s clink our glasses and gear up to cheer Ladd & Lass Brewing as they barrel on into another year of beerventures! See you at the taproom, I’ll be the one with the commemorative glass in hand and a beaming hoppy grin!


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