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Craft Beer Times | Maryland’s DuClaw Brewing Joins Forces with NJ’s River Horse Brewery

Maryland’s DuClaw Brewing Joins Forces with NJ’s River Horse Brewery

Maryland’s DuClaw Brewing Joins Forces with NJ’s River Horse Brewery

Brewing Up a Storm: An Exciting Development in the World of Craft Beer

The Story Behind DuClaw Brewing

For years, DuClaw Brewing has been a staple in the craft beer scene in Maryland, known for its innovative and unique brews that always push the boundaries of traditional brewing styles. Founder Dave Benfield started the brewery in 1996, and ever since then, it has been one of the biggest names in the area. With a wide variety of beers, from pale ales to stouts, DuClaw Brewing has always been a favorite of beer-enthusiasts in the Mid-Atlantic region.

The Acquisition of DuClaw Brewing

Recently, there has been some exciting news in the world of craft beer: DuClaw Brewing has been acquired by River Horse Brewing, a microbrewery based in Lambertville, New Jersey. This is a great opportunity for both breweries to expand their reach and offer more exciting beer options to their customers.

What This Means for DuClaw Fans

For longtime fans of DuClaw Brewing, the acquisition might seem a bit daunting. Will the brewery lose its unique identity now that it is owned by a new company? However, according to a press release, the team at River Horse Brewing is dedicated to maintaining the quality and innovation that DuClaw is known for. They plan to keep the same brewing team and maintain the same recipes that have made the brewery a favorite for so many years.

The Future of DuClaw Brewing

With this acquisition, DuClaw Brewing will have access to new distribution channels and resources from River Horse Brewing. Plus, the two breweries will now be able to collaborate on new brews, which is always an exciting prospect in the craft beer community. Fans can expect to see even more delicious and unique beers from DuClaw in the future, as it expands its reach beyond Maryland.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the acquisition of DuClaw Brewing by River Horse Brewing is a positive development for both breweries and for the craft beer community as a whole. It’s great to see two successful microbreweries coming together to create even better beer options for fans. So, next time you’re looking for a delicious and unique craft beer, be sure to check out the offerings from DuClaw Brewing and River Horse Brewing. Cheers!


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