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Craft Beer Times | Midwestern Breweries Named in Yelp’s Top Beer Spots for Craft Beer Week

Midwestern Breweries Named in Yelp’s Top Beer Spots for Craft Beer Week

Midwestern Breweries Named in Yelp’s Top Beer Spots for Craft Beer Week

Midwest’s Best Breweries Unveiled by Yelp for Craft Beer Week

If you’re a beer enthusiast, there’s no need to wait for October to experience Oktoberfest’s beer-drinking appeal with Yelp’s selection of Midwestern breweries. Yelp’s Craft Beer Week is featuring the top-notch breweries in the Midwestern states, highlighting the variety and quality of brews from the region.

Ann Arbor: HOMES Brewery

Ann Arbor’s HOMES Brewery has an exceptional selection of beer styles that serves its loyal customers with flavors that can broaden their taste buds. Despite its humble beginnings in 2017, HOMES’ dedication to providing high quality, consistent beer through its wide selection of IPAs and barrel-aged beer has earned a spot on Yelp’s list.

Indianapolis: Sun King Brewery

Sun King Brewery in Indianapolis is a beer lover’s dream destination with its spacious taproom, outdoor patio, and food trucks. With its handcrafted brews like the famous Sunlight Cream Ale, Sun King’s consistency in providing top-notch beer has earned it a spot as one of the top breweries in the Midwest.

Chicago: Half Acre Beer Co. Balmoral Taproom

Chicago’s Half Acre Beer Co. Balmoral Taproom is a new addition to the city’s beer scene, but it did not take long for the Taproom to make a name for itself. The Taproom boasts an intimate setting that serves its loyal customers a rotating list of seasonal and year-round brews. Half Acre’s dedication to serving fresh, tasty beer that is brewed on site, has earned it a well-deserved place on Yelp’s list.

Cleveland: Masthead Brewing Co.

Masthead Brewing Co. is the talk of the town in Cleveland with its impressive lineup of beers that are brewed in house. The brewery’s creativity can be seen in their experimental beer flavors that offer a refreshing twist on classic beer styles, like the velvet ropes IPA, double berry infused sour. Masthead Brewing’s balance between experimentation and consistency makes it a must-visit destination on Yelp’s Craft Beer Week.

Cincinnati: Urban Artifact

Cincinnati’s Urban Artifact takes its beer brewing process very seriously, and that is evident in every sip of their beer. The brewery prides itself in using fresh produce that is locally grown, and that dedication to using the best ingredients has earned it a spot on Yelp’s top breweries list. Urban Artifact’s wide selection of sour beer distinguishes it from the rest, offering a unique beer-drinking experience that should not be missed.


Yelp’s Craft Beer Week is a perfect opportunity for beer enthusiasts to experience the rich variety and quality of Midwestern beers without having to make a veritable tour through every state. If you’re curious about the flavors that can be found in the Midwestern states, be sure to check out the breweries listed here and enjoy a one-of-a-kind beer-drinking experience.


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.

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