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Craft Beer Times | Nola Brewing’s Tchoupitoulas Downsizing: Owner Reassures Customers

Nola Brewing’s Tchoupitoulas Downsizing: Owner Reassures Customers

Nola Brewing’s Tchoupitoulas Downsizing: Owner Reassures Customers

The backstory

If you’re a local beer enthusiast in New Orleans, chances are you’ve heard of Nola Brewing. It’s a popular brewery located on Tchoupitoulas Street, known for its wide selection of craft beers and fun events. However, as of late, rumors have been swirling about the brewery downsizing and potentially relocating. This news has caused some concern among customers and fans of the brand.

The reassurance

Thankfully, the owner of Nola Brewing, Kirk Coco, has addressed these rumors and put customers’ worries to rest. In a recent interview with, Coco assured patrons that while downsizing is indeed happening, it’s not something to fret about.

The reasons behind the downsizing

According to Coco, the downsizing is a result of the brewery’s lease ending. Rather than renewing the lease at a higher price, Nola Brewing has decided to scale back its operations and focus on brewery production instead of a large taproom and event space.

What this means for customers

While some customers may be disappointed to hear about the downsizing, it’s important to note that Nola Brewing isn’t going anywhere. In fact, Coco mentioned in the interview that the brewery is actually expanding its distribution and will soon be available in more locations throughout the city.

Additionally, Nola Brewing will still be open to the public for tastings and growler fills on Fridays and Saturdays. It’s important to note that this will be the only time customers can visit the brewery, as the public taproom and event space will no longer be available.

Final thoughts

Overall, it’s understandable that customers may be concerned about Nola Brewing’s downsizing. However, it’s important to trust in the brewery’s decisions and trust that the brand will continue to thrive. With expanded distribution and a focus on high-quality brewery production, Nola Brewing is sure to remain a staple in the New Orleans beer scene for years to come.


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