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Craft Beer Times | Non-Alcoholic Beer Brands: Guide to Sober Craft Beer Choices

Non-Alcoholic Beer Brands: Guide to Sober Craft Beer Choices

Non-Alcoholic Beer Brands

Sipping on the Sober Side: A Guide to Non-Alcoholic Beer Brands


Greetings fellow sippers and seltzer savants! Has your curiosity ever danced with the idea of a pint that keeps your wits sharper than a cactus in a balloon factory? Well, fret not, my wise friends, for the craft beer world is bubbling with a booze-less bonanza! Dry January isn’t just a blip on the calendar; it’s an uprising, paving the way for the staggering wave of health consciousness sweeping through the craft beer industry like a foam-topped tsunami. So, hop aboard the flavor train ’cause we’re diving into the effervescent ecstasy of non-alcoholic beer brands!

Boulevard Brewing Company: Raising the Bar in Non-Alcoholic Offerings

Embracing Change: Meet Boulevard Brewing Company

Let’s raise our glasses, but keep the ABV on the down-low as we tip our hats to the audacious folks at Boulevard Brewing Company. These crafty crusaders have decided that the spirited brigade of beer aficionados deserves nothing short of pizzazz, without the buzz. Following the bustling tide, Boulevard deemed it noble to contribute to the non-alcoholic froth fest.

From Flying Start IPA to Non-Alcoholic Wheat: A Flavorful Journey

Scouting for a guilt-free gulp? Flying Start IPA has got your back. It’s not just a non-alcoholic beer; it’s a herald of hops, a symphony of sips that snagged the silverware at the U.S. Open Beer Championship in 2023! And to add a zesty twist to their tale, they unveiled Non-Alcoholic Wheat with Lemon. Imagine your beloved unfiltered wheat beer, reincarnated with a luscious lemony lift and an ABV so tiny, it borders on nonexistent【file-xcyvU7Gh5BslvthMJy0rwTV9†source】.

A Toast to Health: The Rise of Non-Alcoholic Beer

Health Concerns Driving the Sober Revolution

In a world where six-packs are no longer confined to gym selfies, Boulevard is here to quench your thirst like a desert rain. With health concerns steering the Good Ship Sobriety, many folks are jumping overboard from the S.S. Inebriation in favor of non-alcoholic options.

Finding Satisfaction in Non-Alcoholic Beer—More Than Just a Taste

But wait, there’s more! Our palates are tingling for that full-body flavor sans the sneaky spirits. Whether it’s to maintain that temple-like body or to remember your night with crystal clarity, non-alcoholic beer has got the magic to make you joyful without the jiggle.

Celebrating Sobriety with Style: The New Lineup of Zero-Alcohol Craft Alternatives

The Acclaim of Alcohol-Free Flying Start IPA

Flying Start IPA isn’t just resting on its hoppy laurels, folks. This trailblazing tipple of Boulevard Brewing Company has scooped up the silver – not once, but twice, glimmering with industry accolades from Brussels to the U.S. of A.

Introducing Non-Alcoholic Wheat with Lemon and Quirk Non-Alcoholic Superfruit Seltzer

Introducing the other refreshing recruits: Non-Alcoholic Wheat with Lemon and Quirk Non-Alcoholic Superfruit Seltzer. The first, a citrusy spin on a 30-year sensation; the second, a seltzer supercharged with superfruit juices like a superhero smoothie disguised as a bubbly beverage!

Why Duvel USA Believes Variety is Key to Non-Alcoholic Success

Bobby Dykstra of Duvel USA proclaims, “Variety is the spice of life!” And who are we to argue? In the realm of the responsibly tipsy, this non-alcoholic sorcery is nothing short of alchemy, and Duvel USA, they just keep that pot boiling with boundless brews【file-xcyvU7Gh5BslvthMJy0rwTV9†source】.

The Art of Brewing Without Booze: Crafting Non-Alcoholic Beers that Delight

The Technical Marvel of Brewing Under 0.5% ABV

Lads and lasses of the liquid loaf, behold the technical wizardry behind these sub-0.5% ABV concoctions! It’s a high-wire act, a tightrope walk across a canyon of character where only the bravest brewers dare to tread.

The Careful Balance of Flavors in a Six-Pack Can

These bevvies don’t just woo you with the witchery of science; it’s a full-blown epic of flavor – a delicate dance of malts and hops handpicked to delight in a six-pack can – minus the morning after-quirks.

How Real Fruit Juice Defines the New Superfruit Sensation

And let’s talk about the heartthrob that is Quirk Non-Alcoholic Superfruit Seltzer. My dear sippers, with real fruit juice sending love letters to your taste buds and a jive of juices like yellow papaya and acai berry, it’s a love potion without the wooziness【file-xcyvU7Gh5BslvthMJy0rwTV9†source】.

Where To Find Your Next Non-Alcoholic Cheers: Distribution and Accessibility

Navigating the Kansas City Market and Beyond

For those who call Kansas City home or those who dream of its crafty corners, Boulevard’s elixir is but a hop, skip, and a jump away. And let’s not forget the Quirk Hard Seltzer – a top-tier triumph in the queen city of fountains.

Midwest Specialty Brewing Goes National and International

Can’t make it to Missouri? Fear not! Boulevard Brewing Company isn’t playing hard to get. Their specialty sips are meandering through 47 states and 11 international destinations, spreading the gospel of great taste without the grape-dance giddiness【file-xcyvU7Gh5BslvthMJy0rwTV9†source】.

Pouring a Pint for Every Preference: How to Get Your Hands on These Brews

In the vast arena of non-alcoholic seltzers and brews, you’re never too far from snagging a Boulevard creation. Your next non-alcoholic toast? It’s just around the corner, with taps and six-pack cans alike, beckoning you to bring that buzz-free cheer to your lips.


As we wrap up this merry-go-round of malt and hop high-fives, remember that non-alcoholic beer brands have crafted a lifestyle choice for all: from low-calorie lifestyle legends to the expecting superheroes, or even the curiosity-charged beverage wanderers. The posse at Boulevard Brewing Company is dedicated to delivering delectable delights in a drink, with a heart as big as their vats for everyone’s varying ventures. Whether you’re the designated chauffeur, eager for an expecting mother’s mocktail, or simply dipping your toes in the non-alcoholic waters, these brews deliver the depth and devotion with every drop.

But hey, take heed of local tidbits, drink responsibly, and relish the whirlwind of refreshment. Who knows, the toast of your town might just be the brew that doesn’t brew a headspin. Cheers to the sober side, where the pour is always pure!


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.