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Craft Beer Times | Pliny the Elder Beer Enters the 2024 Presidential Fray

Pliny the Elder Beer Enters the 2024 Presidential Fray

Pliny the Elder Beer

Pliny the Elder Beer: Hopping from Brewery to Ballot in Presidential Race 2024!

Introduction: A Brew of Historic Proportions

Hold on to your pint glasses, folks – in a year already bubbling with surprises, the frothiest yet comes from none other than Russian River Brewing. Causing a true Political Shockwave, their announcement that the legendary Pliny the Elder Beer is venturing beyond the keg and straight to the ballot for the Presidential Race 2024 has everyone’s jaws dropping. This isn’t your average fizzy campaign – it’s the kind you discuss over a robust Imperial IPA. Let’s pour through the details of this unprecedented brew as it makes its way into the political realm!

Meet the Hop-timistic Candidate: Pliny the Elder

Diving headfirst into the candidate’s profile, let’s get familiar with this hoppy frontrunner. Co-founders Nattalie and Vinnie have brewed up a contender with an impressive track record – from winning awards to winning hearts, Pliny the Elder is known for its enigmatic blend of Citrus Aroma, Pine Character, and that oh-so-intoxicating Resinous Taste. Could this be the hop-forward leadership we’ve thirsted for?

With a flavor profile that screams decisive yet delightful, this Imperial IPA is shaping up to have all the character (and characters) of a true leader. Think George Washington, but make it ‘george brewsington,’ am I right?

Where to Buy Your Presidential Pint

On a quest to sip on greatness? Fear not, beer-loving compatriots, for Pliny the Elder can be procured without embarking on a Frodo-like quest. Widely available, this hoppy hero can be found at select locations, including Russian River Brewing’s very own establishments and discerning craft beer stores. Just remember – like any good thing in life, it’s worth the hunt. But why not give you a treasure map rather than riddles?

Craft Beer Election: Analyzing Pliny for President’s Platforms

Gone are the days of stuffy political rhetoric; in sweeps ‘Pliny for President’ with promises that resonate with the everyday beer lover. Vowing to turn taps into fountains of joy, Pliny’s latest Pliny Recipe Development sees a pivot from Double Dry-Hopped IPA to an ambitious Triple Dry-Hopped IPA enriched with Citra, Zumo, and Nectaron Hops. This hoppy competitor is committed to crafting a future where every pint is revered as if it were the very nectar of the gods. What a platform!

Tasting Notes: Why This Beer Gets Our Vote

Sure, you’ve heard the pitch, but does it deliver on mouthfeel? Take a sip and get swept away by lush notes of Stone Fruit Flavor and hints of Tropical paradise, creating a taste that not only gets our vote but has us energetically cheerleading on the sidelines. Don’t just take my word for it; industry aficionados like American Craft Beer’s Tom Bobak have tasted its potential and foresee an ‘Historic Political Campaign’ bubbling forth.

The Economy of Flavor: Pricing & Availability

Far from elitist, Pliny the Elder offers an Economy of Flavor where luxury meets the common glass. You’ll find this sought-after brew’s Quarterly Beer Release keeps both exclusivity and accessibility in mind—paving the path for a well-lubricated democracy. But don’t whip out your wallet just yet! Word on the street is that this liquid asset won’t cause a stock market crash, meaning you can relish in its refined flavors without refinancing your house.

Swag for Supporters: Campaign Merchandise on Tap

Can’t vote yet? No problem! You can still show your support with some snazzy campaign merchandise. From hats to socks, this is swag that doesn’t just say, “I support Pliny for President,” it screams, “I’m stylishly sipping for change.” And let’s face it, a beer that offers hats? That’s a campaign we can all get behind (or under).

Pairings with Political Views: A Guide to Gourmet Combinations

Let’s get down to the juicy stuff – beer and food pairings. Whether you lean left, right, or just lean over to grab another slice of cheese, Pliny the Elder and its gourmet companionship is a bipartisan affair. Here’s a guide to culinary coalition-building:

Dish Perfect with Pliny?
Artisan Cheese A resounding yes!
Grilled Burgers Makes every vote count!
Spicy Wings Freedom never tasted so fiery!

Conclusion: Casting the Ultimate Vote in the 2024 Beer-llection

So there you have it, folks – as the foam settles on this democratic drink, it’s time to raise a cold one to change, to choice, and to Pliny the Elder Beer’s trailblazing journey from keg to contender. Whether it’s sharing over a beer-llection debate or quietly contemplating the Citrus, Pine, and Tropical symphony in your glass, remember: every sip counts in the 2024 race for the White House pub stool.

Commentary Corner: Your Thoughts on a Beer in the Oval Office

Now it’s over to you, fellow citizens of this fine fermented republic. Do you think Pliny the Elder has what it takes to unite this nation under a froth of hope and hops? Tap into your political tastebuds and let us know. This Historic Political Campaign isn’t just about electing a President – it’s about electing a palate. Cheers to democracy!


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.