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Craft Beer Times | Rupee Beer Expands into North Carolina with Southern Flair –

Rupee Beer Expands into North Carolina with Southern Flair –

Rupee Beer Expands into North Carolina with Southern Flair –

Rupee Beer: From South to North Carolina

Rupee Beer, one of the most popular Indian brands, has expanded its reach to a new state in the United States. The brewery that started its operations in 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia has now made its way to North Carolina, aiming to serve its customers with the authentic taste of India.

What is Rupee Beer?

For those who haven’t tasted it yet, Rupee Beer brings the essence of India’s culture in its flavors. It’s a brand that delivers great beer and a unique experience to its customers, making them feel as if they are in India. The brand achieves this by using Indian spices such as coriander and cardamom, offering a blend of flavors that is unique and delicious.

The Expansion

Rupee Beer’s arrival in North Carolina brings a fresh flavor to the beer culture in this state. The company states that this expansion is the result of the increasing demand for their products, and they are glad to offer their customers the authentic Indian beer experience in North Carolina.

The brewery officially opened on July 4th, 2021, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Rupee Beer’s founders, Dilip and Piyush Patel, couldn’t be more excited about the expansion. Dilip Patel stated, “We’re excited to open our brewery in Charlotte and bring a taste of India to the Carolinas. Rupee Beer is a combination of our love for beer and desire to share Indian culture and tradition.”

What to Expect from Rupee Beer in North Carolina

Just like in Georgia, the new location of Rupee Beer promises to offer a unique experience to its customers. They will receive a plethora of flavors that are far from the usual American beer varieties. From their must-try “Cardamom Cream Ale” to “Mango Central IPA,” they offer a range of flavors that perfectly represent Indian cuisine.

The brand’s founders assure that the North Carolina brewery will be a fun and friendly spot where people can come together and enjoy a good drink while feeling like a part of the Rupee Beer family.

Final Thoughts

Rupee Beer’s expansion into North Carolina is a significant step towards spreading the culture and tradition of India worldwide. They have already made an impression in Georgia, and are sure to make a similar impact on the beer scene in North Carolina. If you love beer and want to try something different, visiting a Rupee Beer location is a must-do. Happy drinking!


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