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Craft Beer Times | Sacramento Brewery Pubs: Inside Mattie Groves’ Beer Haven

Sacramento Brewery Pubs: Inside Mattie Groves’ Beer Haven

Sacramento brewery pubs

Discover Sacramento’s Newest Hidden Gem: Mattie Groves Brewery

Sip into Sacramento: The City’s New Hub for Craft Beer Connoisseurs

A Toast to Sacramento Craft Beer Culture

Submerge into Midtown’s Beery Heart: Mattie Groves Brewery’s Debut

Cheers, my thirsty friends! Stumble upon the beery oasis nestled amidst the bustling heart of midtown Sacramento – the one and only Mattie Groves Brewery. This is where the “hopportunity” for a fresh craft beer comes to life! Like an audible gasp at the surprise appearance of the most interesting person at the party, this joint’s debut has got everyone in town talking. But hey, speaking of a great party, Mattie Groves knows how to throw down. They’ve taken over the venerable space once filled with the laughter and clinking glasses of Big Stump Brewing Co. with all the finesse of a perfectly poured pint.

A Pint-Sized History: From Big Stump Brewing Co. to Mattie Groves Brewery

Once a haven for the tree stump obsessed (kidding, we love you, Big Stump), the 1716 L St. locale has been transformed into Sacramento’s latest craft beer temple. With beer on tap that’s as delicious as a stolen cookie (though, to be clear, way better for you), the transformation is not just refreshing—it’s like giving your taste buds a high-five. And when you’re talking about an establishment that serves up the 12 apostles of craft beer, with glasses tipping the bar at just $6.50, you know there’s some real magic brewing (pun very much intended).

The Coopers’ Journey: Home Brewing Champions Turned Sacramento Brewery Pioneers

Katie and Matt Cooper, our intrepid home brewing heroes, have been conspiring to bring joy to craft beer lovers since 2015. Not to brag (well, maybe a little), they’ve bagged a shiny gold medal from the World Beer Cup. Transitioning from brewing in the garage to owning a bustling Sacramento pub, these ale alchemists embody what it means to leap from crafting beer in pajamas to becoming your neighborhood’s favorite pour-veyors. And they do all this while remaining as family-friendly and welcoming as a golden retriever with two tails.

The Mattie Groves Experience: An Affordable Taproom with Personality

Pint Pricing and Selection: Tasting Sacramento’s Finest Elixirs

What’s that? You want a dash of character with your craft beer without emptying your piggy bank? Mattie Groves Brewery has got you covered like the best beer-goggle-tinted blanket. They’ve said “Hoppily ever after” to exorbitant pint pricing, offering a dozen lovingly crafted brews that’ll snugly fit into your budget faster than you can say “Cheers!”

Where the Exposed Brick Meets the Barley: Unpacking the Aesthetic Charm

Gather ‘round, architecture enthusiasts and casual pub-goers, and let me paint you a picture. The one-story tabernacle of tastiness boasts exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and long, “banquet style” wooden tables handcrafted by Katie’s kinfolk. It’s like the place is architecturally designed to enhance the flavor of your beer (or is that just me?).

Kid and Dog-Friendly Vibes: Everyone’s Invited!

Talk about an all-inclusive shindig! Whether you’ve got tots toddling around or a “fur baby” who’s an absolute “pupcorn” when it comes to social gatherings, Mattie Groves rolls out the welcome mat. Water bowls, dog treats, and a side of family banter – this dog-friendly establishment with a soul reminisces an old-school pub that packs modern replies. “Old school but not,” Katie quips, proving that at Mattie Groves, they’ve balanced tradition and trend like a perfectly poised pint glass.

Crafting the Perfect Pair: Savoring Bites with Your Beer

A Culinary Collaboration: Old Soul Co.’s Pizza and Sandwiches Take Center Stage

Beer and food are like Batman and Robin, minus the capes and more cheese. At Mattie Groves, Old Soul Co. steps into the culinary spotlight offering pizzas that’ll make your mouth water faster than a garden sprinkler and sandwiches that deserve their own standing ovation. Don’t believe me? Try the meat lovers pizza. It’s the Leonardo DiCaprio of the menu – always a hit!

For the Herbivores Among Us: Vegetarian Options to Tickle Your Taste Buds

Not to worry, plant-based pals! There are enough vegetarian options to go around, and they’re as delectable as the omnivorous delights! Like sprinkling fairy dust on an old boot, veggies here transform into taste masterpieces that can convert even the most devoted carnivore for a meal or two.

BYOF (Bring Your Own Food) Movement: How Mattie Groves Encourages Culinary Diversity

Is your picnic basket sobbing from neglect? Fear not! Mattie Groves champions the BYOF movement, so you can swing by with your very own culinary concoctions. This is not just about embracing diversity; it’s about celebrating your Nana’s secret sandwich recipe with a cold brew as a partner.

Games, Grains, and Good Times: Sacramento’s Social Brewery Scene

Beyond the Brew: Pub Games and Retro Gaming with Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Guess what?! It’s not only about the beer here (gasp). Indeed, Mattie Groves is the go-to spot for anyone interested in a bit of wholesome competition, or those longing for a blissful nostalgia-hit courtesy of Super Nintendo. Beer aficionados and Mario buddies, unite!

Mark Your Calendars: Sacramento Social Events and Midtown Nightlife at Mattie Groves

Sharpen those pencils and clear that calendar. It’s not every day a Sacramento brewery pub brings trivia and game nights that knit together the fabric of midtown nightlife. With social events that promise to be as epic as a finale in a fireworks factory, you’ve got to keep a keen eye on Mattie Groves.

Know Before You Go: Everything You Need to Plan Your Visit

Mattie Groves Brewery Business Hours: Crafting Your Perfect Brewery Outing

Seven days a week, a beacon of beer-fueled joy illuminates from noon to the wee hours. Want the specifics? Earmark the “noon to late evening” zone in your daily planner, ’cause Mattie Groves Brewery is open and ready for your gleeful patronage with hours that accommodate even the busiest bees—or hops—we can’t get the puns right all the time!

Getting There and Getting Comfy: Tips for First-Time Visitors to Sacramento Brewery Pubs

First-timer? No problemo! Embrace the journey with the spirit of an explorer who has just spotted an uncharted island made entirely of Craft Beer. Sacramentans and visitors alike—let Mattie Groves Brewery be your beer lighthouse in the vibrant ocean that is midtown Sacramento.

Raise Your Glass to Sacramento: The Mattie Groves Brewery’s Role in the Local Beer Tapestry

Phew, what a journey, huh? Like the foam on a freshly poured draft, Mattie Groves Brewery rises to meet the challenge of enriching Sacramento’s beer landscape. So come one, come all. Let us forego our screens for a screen-free evening of clinking glasses, family frolicking, and the occasional well-intentioned bar stool philosophies.

Join the Sacramento Brewery Community: Share Your Experiences and Upcoming Events!


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