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Craft Beer Times | Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing’s Fresh Chapter Unfolds

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing’s Fresh Chapter Unfolds

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing

Introduction: Toasting to New Beginnings at Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing

Ah, the sweet aroma of change is wafting through the Santa Cruz air, mingling with the enticing scents of malt and hops! Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing, a veritable institution in the local craft beer community, is embarking on an exhilarating new venture. Imagine, if you will, a dynamic duo of local beer virtuosos—none other than Adair Paterno of the renowned Sante Adairius Rustic Ales, and Brad Clark, the malt maestro of Private Press Brewing—clinking their glasses to an acquisition that’s set to navigate the brewery to uncharted realms of flavor and camaraderie!

The Foundation of Craft Beer in Santa Cruz: Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing’s Trailblazing Journey

Now, let’s hop back in time—Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing didn’t just appear out of a hoppy haze; it sprouted from the very soil of innovation. Back in 2005, when ‘organic’ was just beginning to buzz, this brewery was already mastering the arts of organic brewing and sustainable brewing practices. And can we have three cheers for women? This brewery is famously female-led, a pioneer in chugging through the traditionally male-dominated beer tracks to become the oldest in the county to do so!

As Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing’s story fermented into a rich legacy, our trailblazing brewmasters Emily Thomas and Chad Brill knew they were stewing up more than just beer. They were crafting a local craft beer operation that would become the heart and soul of the community. So, it’s no surprise that this brewery would be part of the hypothetical Mount Rushmore of regional brewers—a true malty marvel!

The Craft Beer Torch Passes: Meet the New Custodians, Adair Paterno and Brad Clark

But what happens when such esteemed brew gurus seek new fermenting pastures? Enter Adair Paterno and Brad Clark, a pair poised to pour their craft beer passion into the barrels of Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing. Paterno, already a sensation with Sante Adairius Rustic Ales, and Clark, a sultan of barrel-aged beer, bring a shared vision of crafting unique beers with bold flavor profiles that carry the torch of brewing brilliance forward.

They say in the brew world that the best beers are made with equal parts innovation and respect for tradition. Our new brewery custodians, with their artisanal habits and penchant for small-batch beers, have plans brewing that could very well redefine the notion of specialty craft beer in Santa Cruz every pint at a time.

A Brew of Two Cities: Merging Traditions for Specialty Craft Beer

So, what’s in store when the old guards mingle with the new blood? It’s not just a collaboration; it’s a symphony of suds! Malt-forward meets mountain flair as these masterminds hint at upcoming concoctions that will fuse Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing‘s time-tested tastes with the innovative spirits of Paterno and Clark.

The community’s taste buds are quivering in anticipation! Will the union bring about an IPA that whispers of the redwood forests, or perhaps a stout as profound as the ocean’s depths? What is certain is that this brewer collaboration will mean only one thing for the people of Santa Cruz—more exquisite beers to savor and share!

The Community’s Pint Glass: The Brewery as a Gathering Space for Beer Lovers

It’s not just about the brews though, is it? Each beer on tap at Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing brews a tale, and each clink of the glass soundtracks stories of friendships and love. They say the brewery has been a community gathering space since its yeast first started to feast, and nothing’s going to change on that front.

With endearing events like “Emily and Chad’s Last Call”, the community can expect the atmosphere of camaraderie to only deepen. It’s cheers, chatter, and chuckles ensuring that the transition from old to new is as smooth as a velvety porter.

The Pioneers’ New Horizons: Emily Thomas’ Leap from Beer to Peacemaking

Speaking of transitions, let’s talk about Emily Thomas—Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing’s very own renaissance woman. From slaying the brewing game, she’s now donning her peace cape and delving into the realm of public diplomacy. Echoing the principles instilled within the brewery walls—celebrating similarities, overcoming differences—Emily is an inspiration to us all!

The brewery acquisition isn’t just a trade; it’s a transformative ferment that empowers her to leap from crafting pints to crafting peace. What a brewtiful journey!

Conclusion: Raising a Glass to Craft Beer’s Next Chapter in Santa Cruz

So, let’s swirl our beers, raise our glasses, and toast to the certainty that Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing is in trusted hands with Paterno and Clark. The craft beer community of Santa Cruz can rest assured; the legacy is lush, and the future is frothy with promise.

Ready to join the next chapter of this hoppy tale? Visit the official website,, and dive into a world brimmed with passion and pints!

About the Author: Mark C. Anderson – The Storyteller of Craft and Community

Ah, our dear chronicler of the suds! Mark C. Anderson, a man whose tales are as savory as a well-aged brew. With one hand gripping a pen, and the other a pint, he traverses California’s Bay Areas, whispering the stories of craft and community. You can toast to his adventures on Instagram via @MontereyMCA!


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