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Craft Beer Times | Usher in Summer at Bristol’s Alluring Craft Beer Festival

Usher in Summer at Bristol’s Alluring Craft Beer Festival

Usher in Summer at Bristol’s Alluring Craft Beer Festival

Bristol Craft Beer Festival – A Celebration of Beer and Fun

Bristol Craft Beer Festival

What is Bristol Craft Beer Festival?

Bristol Craft Beer Festival is an annual beer festival held in Bristol, UK. This event has been a part of the city’s culture for many years, and every year, it gets bigger and better. The festival is a celebration of craft beer, showcasing more than hundreds of beers from the best breweries across the country. Held over a weekend, the event provides visitors with the perfect opportunity to sample some of the finest beers and ciders while engaging in fun-filled activities.

A Sunny First Day with an Array of Beers

The festival kicked off to a bright start with the sun shining brightly on the first day. The event, held at Lloyds Amphitheatre, hosted a vast array of beers, ciders, and street food. A fantastic entertainment lineup that featured live bands, DJs, and comedy acts kept the guests entertained throughout the day. The festival showcased new and exciting brews from top-notch breweries such as Cloudwater and Verdant – which were among the crowd’s favourites.

Food and Drink Galore

A beer festival is not complete without good food. The Bristol Craft Beer Festival showcased a varied selection of street food vendors, ensuring that visitors had a whole meal experience. The food included everything from juicy burgers to vegetarian and vegan options such as falafel wraps and vegan curries. This added to the flavourful experience of the festival.

The beer selection at the festival was diverse, catering to every taste. From Pale Ales to Lagers, visitors could sample all sorts of beers. The brewers themselves were present, offering a unique opportunity to learn about the different brewing processes and taste a selection of their fresh, locally brewed beers. The most popular stands were those showcasing exciting new brews never seen before.

A Fun-Filled and Safe Environment

The Bristol Craft Beer Festival was a fantastic event where people could come together, socialize, and have a good time. The organizers went to great lengths to ensure that guests had a safe and enjoyable experience by implementing COVID-safe measures. These measures included social distancing, face masks, and regular cleaning, ensuring that everyone could enjoy themselves while reducing the risk of transmission.

Overall, The Bristol Craft Beer Festival was an event that celebrated the passion and creativity of the craft beer industry. The organisers did a fantastic job of creating a safe and relaxed environment where people could have fun while enjoying some of the best beers on offer. The festival was an excellent example of how beer culture is evolving worldwide, with new and exciting flavours being created every day. It was a great opportunity for beer enthusiasts and newcomers alike to discover and experience some of the best-tasting beers in the UK.


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.

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