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Craft Beer Times | Blood Orange IPA: A Zesty Craft Beer Revolution in 2024

Blood Orange IPA: A Zesty Craft Beer Revolution in 2024

Blood Orange IPA

Sipping on Sunshine: The Rising Trend of Blood Orange IPA in 2024 Craft Beers

Introduction to the Zesty Appeal of Blood Orange IPAs

Hey beer lovers, gather ’round – 2024 is throwing us a curveball, and it’s spherical, succulent, and bursting with zest. Enter: Blood Orange IPA, the craft beer world’s latest lovechild. This piquant potion is turning heads and tantalizing taste buds, but what’s all the froth about? Well, prepare your pint glasses for a ride on the vibrant side, as we delve into the unique flavor profile of this tangy tipple.

The Unique Flavor Profile of Blood Orange IPA

Picture this: you take a sip, and suddenly your mouth is stage-diving into a mosh pit of juicy, citrusy splendor. Blood Orange IPA is like a beach vacation in a bottle, marrying the hoppy bitterness we adore in a classic IPA with the sweet, tangy surge of blood oranges. It’s a harmonious blend that’s turning the craft beer scene of 2024 into a tropical oasis.

Cheers to Innovation: American Craft Brewers’ Citrus Twist

No one does it quite like American craft brewers when it comes to innovation. They’re like the Willy Wonkas of the beer world, and this year, they’ve out-Wonka’d themselves with the Limited Hazy Series. The buzz is all about Sierra Nevada Brewing’s newest creation. And let me tell you, it’s like a juicy gossip you can’t help but share.

Spotlight on Sierra Nevada Brewing and the Limited Hazy Series

Channel your inner beer connoisseur and join me in the spotlight. Sierra Nevada is the maestro leading the symphony of sudsy serendipity with its Limited Hazy Series. With hoppy darlings like Mosaic and Chinook strutting their stuff, it’s a tropical, resinous hallelujah in a glass. And the headliner? Oh, it’s Dank Little Thing – a Hazy IPA so alluring it’s practically winking at you from across the bar.

From “Juicy Little Thing” to Year-Round Favorites

It all began with Juicy Little Thing, a brew so beloved it danced its way from a one-hit-wonder to a year-round offering. It’s like that summer fling you simply couldn’t say goodbye to, and why would you? It’s juicy, it’s delectable, and it’s always ready to tango on your taste buds.

Indulging in Award-Winning Brews: Chocolate Meets Citrus

But wait, there’s more! As thrilling as a blind date with a tropical mystery, the beer world has whipped up something new. We’ve seen chocolate and peanut butter, but chocolate and citrus? That’s a romance novel waiting to happen. *

Oskar Blues Death By Coconut: A Chocolate Beer Sensation

Oskar Blues took a leap of faith and landed in a velvety cloud of chocolatey goodness. Meet Death By Coconut, the porter that’s been stealing hearts and winning awards faster than cupid’s arrow. With a balance so perfect, it’s like finding the golden ratio of flavor.

The Buzz-Free Delight: Bravus Brewing’s Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer

In Anaheim, Bravus Brewing is doing something truly buzz-worthy. Their Blood Orange IPA is turning “What’s that?” into “I’ll have another,” minus the buzz. This non-alcoholic warrior is proof that you don’t need the alcohol to feel like you’re hugging the sun.

Healthier Beer Options: The Rise of Non-Alcoholic Craft Brews

Let’s toast to health, my friends! In the kaleidoscope of brews that is 2024 craft beers, non-alcoholic options are claiming their throne. It’s about time we had our cake and ate it too, or in this case, sipped our IPA and stayed clear-headed.

Refreshing Your Palate: Bravus Blood Orange IPA, the Clear-Headed Choice

Bravus’s Blood Orange IPA is like a zesty whisper in a world of shouts. It’s crisp, health-conscious, and embraces the West Coast Style IPA with open arms. This is what it feels like to run through an orchard, friends – breezy, light, and so darn refreshing.

Embracing West Coast Style IPA for a Health-Conscious Lifestyle

West Coast is the best coast when it comes to IPAs. But add “healthy” to the mix, and you’ve got a lifestyle change in a glass. It’s for the sunrise yoga doers and the late-night thinkers. It’s for enjoying life’s flavors without the worry. Because clear-headed drinking is the new black.

Connoisseur’s Corner: Tips and Suggestions for Blood Orange IPA Lovers

Now, fellow flavor voyagers, let’s wrap our mittens around some tips and tricks for sipping these zesty brews to their fullest. It’s time to curate your collection and embrace the citrusy, hoppy wonders of the beer world.

Curating Your Collection: From Dark Ales to Tropical IPAs

Begin with the dark alleys of dark ales and then set sail to the sun-kissed shores of tropical IPAs. There’s a whole spectrum to explore, from roasty toasty stouts to IPAs that pack a fruity punch. It’s like speed dating for your senses – go ahead, play the field!

Winter Beers and Imperial IPAs: The Heavier, the Merrier

As the thermostat dips, let’s not forget those cuddle-worthy winter beers and imperial IPAs. With each sip, it’s like throwing another log on the fire – warm, cozy, and oh-so comforting. This is the kind of heft in your glass that makes Jack Frost back off.

The Lowdown on Latest Dank Ales and Where to Find Them

Dank ales, you sneaky beasts, you! If you want the inside scoop on these resinous delights and their whereabouts, keep your ears perked for beer press releases and whisper networks in the hoppy underbelly of the web.

Your Go-To Guide for 2024 Beer Trends

Staying ahead of the beer curve is like being a trend-tracking ninja. One moment you’re sipping a standard lager, and the next, you’re riding the wave of the latest craft sensation. So how do you keep up?

How to Stay Informed with the Latest Beer Press Releases

Forewarned is forearmed, or in our case, fore-poured. Get your fix of the frothy future by stalking…er… following your favorite breweries and beer-centric sites like a hops-loving Sherlock., we’re looking at you!

Sending Your Craft Beer Discoveries to

Become a beer spy – yes, it’s a thing! Report back to base (aka with your discoveries. Share your spoils and who knows, you might just become the hop-whisperer this thirsty world needs.

Conclusion: The Future of Craft Beer through the Lens of Blood Orange IPA

So, what does 2024 hold for us craft beer aficionados? More than you can fit in your stein, that’s for sure. The trend of Blood Orange IPA is a citrus-laden signpost pointing to a future where variety reigns and creativity flows like… well, beer. It’s a zesty, juicy reminder that in the end, the love of the brew brings us all together.

Now’s the time, dear readers, to put on your explorer’s cap, venture into the great unknown of craft beer, and raise a Blood Orange IPA to new horizons. Experiment, savor, and most importantly – enjoy the range of new flavors that 2024 is pouring up. Cheers to that!


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.