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Craft Beer Times | Angry Chair Fionnabon Review

Angry Chair Fionnabon Review

Angry Chair FionnabonReview
Angry Chair FionnabonReview
Angry Chair Fionnabon Review
The Quick Version
Embark on a Flavorful Voyage with Angry Chair Fionnabon is a delightful homage to an Imperial English brown porter that promises a multisensory experience. Portrayed as a magical concoction, Angry Chair Fionnabon entices with its aromatic blend of chocolate, hazelnut, coffee, and cinnamon, paired with an enveloping maltiness. Describing its taste as a nostalgia-laden snow day and its texture as a comforting cashmere blanket, the article assures readers that this beer is a full-bodied indulgence that’s as joyous as life's little triumphs. The recommendation is to hasten and relish this "liquid gold," celebrating each sip as an exquisite craft that brightens your day, making the porter a festive and guilt-free dessert in a glass.
ABV: 12.2%
Brewery: Angry Chair Brewing
Reader Rating1312 Votes

Embark on a Flavorful Voyage with Angry Chair Fionnabon

Greetings, fellow craft beer aficionados! Are you ready to unlock the secret vault of flavors with the one and only Angry Chair Fionnabon? Like a culinary Houdini, this Imperial English brown porter defies convention and wows the senses. Prepare yourself for an engulfing experience that has enthusiasts buzzing, a journey of taste that’s as delightful as finding a forgotten bar of chocolate in your coat pocket.

Cosy Up With Aromatic Splendor

Imagine sauntering into an old-timey bakery early in the morning. The scent of fresh hazelnut, lovingly roasted coffee, and just-baked cinnamon rolls dance through the air—this is what embracing a glass of Angry Chair Fionnabon feels like. Talk about a malt marvel; it’s a heady brew that wraps you in a warm, comforting embrace. Also, it doesn’t hurt that it pours as black as a moonless night with a tan head delicate as a whisper.

The Symphony of Flavors: A Dance For Your Taste buds

With the first sip, you’re in for a full-frontal culinary sonnet—the robust maltiness pairs with a chocolatey note, much like peanut butter goes with jelly. As if that weren’t enough, hazelnut and coffee pirouette around each other, all while a cinnamon ditty plays in the background. It’s like tasting the joy of your first childhood snow day all over again!

There’s no denying that the Angry Chair Fionnabon strikes the right chords, transitioning from the indulgent sweetness of lactose to the mature depth of dark roast coffee. Each layer reveals itself like a well-paced sitcom—engaging, enveloping, and definitely leaving you longing for more.

A Toast to Textural Bliss

But wait! The extravaganza isn’t merely about taste; it’s a full sensory hootenanny. This porter prances on the palate with a presence that’s as sprightly as a lindy hop. It flirts with creaminess without heavy-handedness, creating an experience much akin to cuddling your favorite cashmere blanket. Ah, and let’s not skip over that finish—a finale reminiscent of dunking a cinnamon roll into a cup of the finest hazelnut coffee you ever did see!

The Verdict: A Flavor Festivity Worth Celebrating

There you have it, chums and chamettes—the down-low on the ever-magnificent Angry Chair Fionnabon. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday as Kha did or just need to treat yourself—this one’s a keeper. The blending of hazelnuts, cinnamon, and a wee bit of coffee magic is as spellbinding as a grand magician’s finale. Our recommendation? Don’t walk, but sprint to get your hands on this liquid gold.

To cap it all off, this porter is like a dessert that doesn’t overwhelm or underwhelm; it ‘whelms’ just right! So, tip your chair back, as being “angry” was never this delightful. Here’s to indulging in splendor without the guilt—cheers to Angry Chair Fionnabon, where every pour is a celebration of life’s tiny miracles, like finding your lost sock’s twin or hitting every green light on your way home.

We raise our glass to the incredible craft of this delectable brew. Long may the chairs be angry, and long may our cups be filled with this heady concoction. Just remember, while the pour is dark, your days are bound to get brighter with each sip of this enchanting elixir. Drink up and revel in the joy that is the Angry Chair Fionnabon—a toast to you, the seeker of liquid luxury!


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.

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