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Craft Beer Times | New Berlin Brewing Company Review

New Berlin Brewing Company Review

New Berlin Brewing CompanyReview
New Berlin Brewing CompanyReview
New Berlin Brewing Company Review
The Quick Version
Embark on a charming foray into the world of frothy delights with the New Berlin Brewing Company, tucked away in the heart of Ohio. More than just a brewery, this family-run sanctum of suds offers a beer-centric narrative paired with a menu that's poetry in gastronomical form. Here, you'll encounter heartwarming service, ample portions, and liquid gold brews that cement the company's status as not just a food and drink haven, but a tight-knit community cornerstone. Whether it's the beery embrace of the venue, the impeccable sunshine-soaked patio service, or the mind-reading beer flights that bring regulars back for more, the New Berlin Brewing Company crafts a full sensory experience that transcends the typical brewery visit—promising soul, stories, and the shared joy of a perfectly poured pint.
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Swing By the Sudsy Sanctuary of the New Berlin Brewing Company!

Welcome, beer aficionados and casual sippers alike! Buckle up because we’re about to dive into the hoppy heart of Ohio with a New Berlin Brewing Company Review, the joint that’s brewing up a storm in the former stomping grounds of New Berlin—now known as North Canton. But hey, let’s not get tangled up in geographic semantics; let’s pop the lid on this frothy find!

The First Sip: A Joyful Journey Begins

So there you are, you’ve marked the calendar, you’ve daydreamed through countless meetings about this foamy haven, and finally—the day has arrived! Your pint-sized pilgrimage to the promised land of brew leads you here, where the food is more than just “fantastic” – it’s the kind of stuff you write sonnets about, or at the very least, some drool-worthy Yelp reviews. With an ambience as welcoming as your grandma’s kitchen and a crew so chipper they’d outdo a Disney cast, you know you’re in for a treat. And let’s not forget the unanimous chorus singing ‘encore’ for a return visit. But don’t just take my word for it, trot on over, and try it yourself!

The Heart Behind the Hops: More Than Just Another Brewery

One step into the beery embrace of the New Berlin Brewing Company and you’re hit with that unmistakable vibe – this place has soul. It’s family-run, composed of folks with a passion not just for crafting luscious lagers but for enveloping you in a cozy narrative you’ll want to relive. They’re whipping up stories one pint at a time and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a side of captivating backstory with their bratwurst? Speaking of which, prepare to have your taste buds serenaded by the best Bratwurst this side of Bavaria. And the beer? Oh, it’s not just “really good,” it’s the liquid gold standard. You’ll be plotting your next visit before the froth settles, guaranteed.

Sunshine, Service, and Sips: The Perfect Patio Experience

Now imagine you’ve tucked in at lunchtime, when the sun is playing peek-a-boo with the clouds, and you’ve snagged the perfect patio spot. Before you can say “Prost,” you’re seated, and a server appears who’s the epitome of promptness and politeness. You’re chilling alfresco, diving into apps that dazzle and entrées that enchant, with portions so generous you’re glad you skipped breakfast. And, drumroll, please—the beer. It’s the headliner, the showstopper, the chart-topper of your taste buds. “Clean and organized,” they say. “Needs more tunes and festive trim,” they add. Either way, this hangout spot is fast becoming the kitchen table for many a grateful family, including yours truly. Just imagine it: sunsets, suds, and smiles all around.

A Symphony of Service and Savory Delights

Enter the dining scene and your server—let’s call him Sir Ponytail—a maestro of mealtime, who tailors your gastronomic journey with the flair of a seasoned conductor. And get this, there’s merch too! Picture a “body by Spätzle” tee to remember the splendor (and perhaps to remind you of the gym membership you’ve been neglecting?). The fare? To put it bluntly, it’s “absolute fire!” Sauerkraut balls that’ll ignite your palate, and a bier flight that soars high above mere mortal brews. Okay, so the schnitzel played a bit of solo freestyle, but hey, nothing’s perfect, right? And still, you depart stuffed and starry-eyed, already nostalgic for what’s sure to become an Ohio hallmark.

The Flight of Fancy: A Server Who Reads Minds

Imagine sauntering in for dinner, appetite in tow, ready for new taste sensations. Then enter stage left: your server, part waiter, part beer-whisperer. You say, “surprise me with a flight,” and, as if by magic, they concoct a sampler that hits all the right notes like they’ve read your beer-loving mind. The ‘special’ isn’t just a dish; it’s an epicurean extravaganza, a nightly novelty that keeps the regulars, well, regular.

All jokes and jest aside, it’s clear that the New Berlin Brewing Company is more than just a pit-stop for pilsners and pub grub; it’s a beacon of community spirit, a place that pours its heart into every pint, and a spot that serves up joy by the stein-full. So, whether you’re in it for the ale or the ambiance, it’s the place to hoist your glass high and toast to those who turn the simple act of brewing into pure artistry. Cheers, New Berlin Brewing Company, see you soon for another round!


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.

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