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Craft Beer Times | 2023 Lititz Craft Beer Fest Drops Multi-Session Format

2023 Lititz Craft Beer Fest Drops Multi-Session Format

2023 Lititz Craft Beer Fest Drops Multi-Session Format

The Future of Lititz Craft Beer Fest: One Session Only


For years, Lititz Craft Beer Fest has been one of the most awaited festivals in Lancaster County. Beer enthusiasts from across Pennsylvania flock to this small town every year to indulge in the delicious and creative craft beer offerings. However, there’s a significant change that’ll take place in 2023 – the festival will only have one session. Though this news might come as a surprise to many, the decision was made after careful deliberation by the festival organizers.

Why the Change was Made

The festival organizers have cited several reasons for the change. One such reason is the logistics of hosting multiple sessions. The festival would have to rent out space for two different sessions, set up, and break down twice. This becomes challenging in a small town like Lititz when there’s only limited space and accessibility. The organizers believe that a single session will provide a better experience for everyone involved.

Better Experience for Attendees

Speaking of experience, the organizers are confident that having only one session will allow for a more enjoyable experience for attendees. Firstly, it simplifies the event, in that you only need to plan and prepare for one session, which takes away all the complications that come with running two sessions. The festival will have a larger space for attendees to move around, enjoy live music, and try different beer offerings. Attendees can now savor the festival without having to worry about missing out on another session since all of it is packed into one session.


Another reason for the change is the affordability factor. The cost of hosting two sessions can be quite high, and this can impact the affordability of the festival. The organizers appreciate the community support and want to make sure the festival stays accessible to everyone. A single session will offset some of the expenses, making the festival more affordable for attendees.


Change, they say, is inevitable. While the decision to have a single session at the 2023 Lititz Craft Beer Fest might come as a surprise to some, it’s a change that will benefit everyone. The organizers believe that a single session will allow for a better experience for attendees, make the event more affordable, and take care of logistical issues. It’s not yet known whether it will be a permanent change or a test run for future events, but we’re all excited to see how the 2023 Lititz Craft Beer Fest will turn out.


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.

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