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Craft Beer Times | A Flavorful Dutch Delight: Oedipus Mannenliefde Recipe

A Flavorful Dutch Delight: Oedipus Mannenliefde Recipe

A Flavorful Dutch Delight: Oedipus Mannenliefde Recipe


Oedipus Mannenliefde is a popular beer that was first released in 2016 by Oedipus Brewing, a brewery in Amsterdam. This beer is a combination of two styles; “Mannenliefde” which means “love among men” in Dutch and is a Belgian style Saison, and “India Pale Ale,” a hoppy beer that originated in Britain.

The Ingredients

Oedipus Mannenliefde is made with six different types of hops, including Simcoe, Citra, Chinook, Amarillo, Centennial, and Columbus. The beer also includes different grains, wheat, rye, and oats. The yeast used in this beverage is a French strain that gives the beer its earthy, spicy, and fruity aroma.

The Brewing Process

The brewing process for Oedipus Mannenliefde is unique. The beer is brewed using a combination of different brewing techniques which results in a complex flavor profile. The beer has a pale golden color and a high level of carbonation.

Pairing with Food

Oedipus Mannenliefde pairs well with a variety of foods. It goes well with spicy dishes, such as Thai curry or Indian vindaloo. The hoppy taste of the beer balances well with the spicy flavors of these dishes. This beer is also a great accompaniment to grilled meats and burgers.


Oedipus Mannenliefde is a complex and delicious beer that is sure to satisfy the most discerning beer drinkers. Its unique combination of hops and grains make it a popular choice among craft beer enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a beer that offers a bold flavor and pairs well with a variety of foods, Oedipus Mannenliefde is the perfect choice.


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