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Craft Beer Times | A Tasty Celebration: Braxton Brewing Co. Combines Cinco de Mayo and Derby Day Festivities

A Tasty Celebration: Braxton Brewing Co. Combines Cinco de Mayo and Derby Day Festivities

A Tasty Celebration: Braxton Brewing Co. Combines Cinco de Mayo and Derby Day Festivities

Braxton Brewing Co. Kicks off Cinco de Mayo and Derby Day Tastefully


Braxton Brewing Co., one of the largest craft breweries in the Midwest, has creatively merged two great celebrations of May – Cinco de Mayo and Derby Day – into one terrific event. With innovative beers and a delicious food menu, the brewery has promised a day filled with amazing food, drinks, and fun. Braxton’s slogan, “Lift One To Life,” is appropriate for an event where individuals can enjoy a celebration of life.

Cinco de Mayo Celebration

The brewery started the day with a festive Cinco de Mayo celebration. Cinco de Mayo is a significant holiday in Mexico but is also widely celebrated in the United States. Braxton Brewing Co. offered a variety of beers to match the Cinco de Mayo theme. The brewery prepared a Mexican Lager named “Mexican Lager,” with a 4.2% ABV. The lager is perfect for the hot southern weather and pairs well with all of their amazing food. They also offered Micheladas, Bloody Marys made with Mexican beer, and Margaritas made with their local honey.

The food menu was equally impressive, featuring street tacos, a burrito bowl, and chips with guacamole and salsa. The recipes use fresh ingredients such as homemade pico de gallo and marinated meats. Braxton Brewing Co. proves that they can do more than just brew beers with their exceptional food menu.

Derby Day Celebration

Braxton Brewing Co. kept the fun going with a Derby Day celebration. The brewery had light and refreshing cocktails, perfect for both sipping in the sunshine and pairing with the delicious food. The cocktails included the Kentucky Derby classic Mint Julep with Braxton’s own twist using their nectar of the gods, honey. They also had a Derby Day Punch that was light, refreshing, and perfect for a hot day.

The food menu changed for the Derby day celebration and offered a Southern Kentucky BBQ that includes Brisket, Ribs, and Pickles as a side dish. Each dish tasted amazing and paired well with the signature cocktails.

The Final Word

The event was an ideal way to welcome May with a bang. Braxton Brewing Co. raised the bar with their Cinco de Mayo and Derby Day celebration, exhibiting their brewing skills by creating a wide range of beers that cater to everyone’s taste buds. Their food menu is impressive, showcasing their culinary skills. The event was a unique opportunity to celebrate the two occasions at once and was a roaring success with a remarkable atmosphere and lively music.

Braxton Brewing Co. is one brewery that takes pride in their work and believes in creativity, innovation, and quality. As a result, they offer an impressive range of beers that cater to every mood and occasion. The brewery has kicked off May with a true representation of the brilliance behind their work. One wonders what other events Braxton Brewing Co. has up its sleeves, but one thing is certain – it will be nothing short of exceptional.


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