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Craft Beer Times | Athletic Brewing Co. creates new brew inspired by Netflix, partnering for a limited release

Athletic Brewing Co. creates new brew inspired by Netflix, partnering for a limited release

Athletic Brewing Co. creates new brew inspired by Netflix, partnering for a limited release

Athletic Brewing Company and Netflix team up for a new brew!

Who wouldn’t want to sit and drink beer while streaming their favorite shows on Netflix?

The Athletic Brewing Company (ABC), a well-known non-alcoholic beer producer, has teamed up with Netflix, one of the largest entertainment streaming platforms. The two companies have joined forces to create a new beer called “Black Mirror” that aims to capture the essence of the Black Mirror series’ darkness.

Athletic Brewing Company is setting the standard for non-alcoholic beer production

Founded in 2017, the Athletic Brewing Company has become a household name among non-alcoholic beer lovers. They have mastered the art of producing delicious and flavorful beers that lack alcohol while maintaining a great taste. The company’s products have won numerous awards in beer competitions and earned a reputation for being a reliable choice for those looking for a non-alcoholic beer.

How the idea of the partnership came to be?

The partnership between ABC and Netflix began when the two companies realized that both of their brand identities aligned perfectly. ABC is known for producing great-tasting beers that people can enjoy without the after-effects of alcohol, while Netflix offers amazing shows and films that people can enjoy without feeling guilty.

It was a natural choice for both companies to join forces and create a new craft beer. Netflix’s hit series “Black Mirror” was chosen as the inspiration for the new beer due to its dark theming.

What the new beer “Black Mirror” is all about

“Black Mirror” is made based on Athletic Brewing Company’s flagship beer, the “Run Wild IPA.” The “Black Mirror” version of the beer comes with a deep and dark look and flavor, thanks to its added roasted malt. The flavor profile also includes a blend of dark fruits, nuts, and chocolate notes.

The top of the can of this non-alcoholic beer is specially designed to create an experience similar to the feeling of watching an episode of Black Mirror. The can’s entire design is inspired by the hit show’s metallic tones, bringing out the Black Mirror’s dystopian vibe.

In summary, the collaboration between Athletic Brewing Company and Netflix is a partnership that perfectly showcases their shared values and brand identity. The “Black Mirror” is a taste we can all fall in love with. It’s black, it’s bitter, and it’s non-alcoholic!


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