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Craft Beer Times | Bravus Brewing Expands Reach with Faster Distribution Growth

Bravus Brewing Expands Reach with Faster Distribution Growth

Bravus Brewing Expands Reach with Faster Distribution Growth

Bravus Brewing – The Future of Alcohol-free Beer

History and Innovation

From their humble beginnings as a small, family-owned brewery in Orange County, California, Bravus Brewing has emerged as one of the most innovative and exciting players in the alcohol-free beer market. Founded in 2015, the company began with a simple mission: to create a great-tasting, alcohol-free beer that people would actually want to drink.

Through constant experimentation and innovation, Bravus Brewing has managed to accomplish just that. Their line of alcohol-free beers are crafted with the same care and attention to detail as traditional alcoholic beers, with the added benefit of being healthier and more accessible to a wide range of consumers.

The Benefits of Alcohol-Free Beer

One of the major selling points of Bravus Brewing’s alcohol-free beers is their low calorie count. Unlike traditional beer, which can be high in calories and contribute to weight gain, alcohol-free beer provides a guilt-free option for those looking to enjoy a cold one without the added calories.

In addition to their low calorie count, alcohol-free beers are also a great option for those who can’t drink alcohol due to medical reasons or because they are in recovery. With Bravus Brewing’s innovation in the market, people now have an option for a great-tasting beer that doesn’t carry the negative side effects of alcohol.

Distribution Expansion

In the past several years, Bravus Brewing has experienced explosive growth in terms of both production and distribution. The company has expanded their product line to include several different varieties of alcohol-free beer, ranging from traditional lagers and IPAs to more unique offerings like stouts and sours.

They have also grown their distribution network to include over 20 states in the US, as well as several international markets. This rapid expansion has allowed more and more people to discover the great taste and health benefits of Bravus Brewing’s alcohol-free beers.

New Partnerships

Part of Bravus Brewing’s success is due to their willingness to partner with like-minded companies and organizations. Through these partnerships, they have been able to reach new audiences and promote the benefits of alcohol-free beer to a wider market.

Recently, Bravus Brewing partnered with Lucky Saint, another alcohol-free beer brand, to release a new Belgian-style wheat beer. This collaboration allowed both companies to showcase their unique brewing approaches and bring a new beer to market that appeals to a wide range of consumers.

The Future of Bravus Brewing

As Bravus Brewing continues to expand and innovate, the future of the company looks bright. With a growing demand for healthier beverage options and a greater awareness of the benefits of alcohol-free beer, Bravus Brewing is in a prime position to continue its rapid growth and become a leader in the industry.

Their focus on taste, quality, and innovation has already set them apart from other alcohol-free beer brands, and with new partnerships and expanding distribution, it’s clear that Bravus Brewing is just getting started.


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.

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