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Craft Beer Times | Celebrate Local Craft Beer at the Hops & Harmony Fest!

Celebrate Local Craft Beer at the Hops & Harmony Fest!

Celebrate Local Craft Beer at the Hops & Harmony Fest!

Brew Fest Brings Together Local Beer and Music

Brewing Up a Storm

Craft beer enthusiasts and music lovers alike were in for a treat at the recent Hops & Harmony Craft Brew Fest. This annual event, now in its fifth year and hosted at the Iredell County Fairgrounds, brought together local breweries and live music for a day of fun.

The festival featured some of the best craft beers from local breweries, giving festival-goers a chance to taste unique and delicious brews from their hometown. From IPAs and stouts to sour ales and lagers, there was something for everyone. Each brewery brought their own distinct flavors and styles to the table, showcasing the diverse range of talents and options in the local brewing scene.

Dancing Through the Day

Music was also a huge feature of the Hops & Harmony Craft Brew Fest. The event offered live music from several local bands throughout the day, making for a lively and entertaining atmosphere. Attendees were invited to dance, sing along, and enjoy the sounds while they sipped on their brews.

One of the standout bands of the day was the Hop Heads. This local group of musicians played a variety of classic rock and country hits, keeping the crowds moving and grooving from start to finish. Other bands included Bluegrass Roundup and the Sugar Creek Band, who brought their own unique styles to the stage.

A Community Celebration

The Hops & Harmony Craft Brew Fest is more than just a celebration of local beer and music. It’s also a chance to bring together the community and showcase the best of what the area has to offer. The festival brought together people from all walks of life to enjoy a day of fun, food, and drink.

Many of the breweries also offered special deals and discounts for attendees to continue their appreciation of local beer after the event. The festival also supported local vendors, who sold everything from handmade crafts to delicious snacks.

A Final Cheers

The Hops & Harmony Craft Brew Fest was a huge success, once again showcasing the best of local beer, music, and community spirit. It’s clear that this festival has become a staple of the area’s cultural landscape, providing a fun and exciting event for residents and visitors alike.

As we cheers to the success of another great event, we can look forward to next year’s festival and the chance to taste even more unique brews and enjoy more amazing music. In the meantime, we can raise a glass to the local brewers, musicians, and vendors who made this year’s Hops & Harmony Craft Brew Fest a day to remember.


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.

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