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Craft Beer Times | Craft Beer Alliance: An Exciting Collaboration: Ecliptic x Sierra Nevada Introduce Secchi Hoppy Wheat Ale

Craft Beer Alliance: An Exciting Collaboration: Ecliptic x Sierra Nevada Introduce Secchi Hoppy Wheat Ale

Craft Beer Alliance: An Exciting Collaboration: Ecliptic x Sierra Nevada Introduce Secchi Hoppy Wheat Ale

Ecliptic and Sierra Nevada Collaborating on Secchi Hoppy Wheat Ale


In an exciting collaboration between two renowned craft breweries, Ecliptic Brewing and Sierra Nevada Brewing Company have come together to create a unique and flavorful beer known as the Secchi Hoppy Wheat Ale. This partnership brings together the expertise and creativity of two giants in the craft beer industry, resulting in a beverage that is sure to impress beer enthusiasts worldwide.

The Collaboration

When two prominent breweries like Ecliptic and Sierra Nevada join forces, the beer community eagerly anticipates the outcome. Both establishments are well-known for their commitment to quality and innovation, setting high standards in the craft beer market. The Secchi Hoppy Wheat Ale collaboration is a perfect reflection of their shared values and dedication to brewing excellence.

The Inspiration

The Secchi Hoppy Wheat Ale draws its inspiration from the captivating world of astronomy. Ecliptic Brewing, founded by John Harris, a veteran in the craft beer industry and a former head brewer for Deschutes Brewery, has a pronounced passion for all things astronomical. This passion is evident not only in the brewery’s name but also in their beer names and label designs. Collaborating with Sierra Nevada, famous for their innovative brewing techniques, proved to be the perfect opportunity to bring this astronomical vision to reality.

The Flavors

The Secchi Hoppy Wheat Ale promises a delectable combination of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. Crafted with precision, this beer excites the palate with a balanced blend of wheat, hops, and citrusy flavors. The wheat provides a smooth and creamy mouthfeel, while the carefully selected hops deliver a subtle bitterness that enhances the overall flavor profile. The addition of citrus infuses refreshing and zesty notes, adding a delightful twist to the beer.


The Secchi Hoppy Wheat Ale will be available in select locations, primarily in the regions where both Ecliptic and Sierra Nevada have a strong presence. Craft beer enthusiasts across the United States will undoubtedly be eagerly waiting to get their hands on this collaboration beer.

Get Ready to Try It!

If you are a fan of craft beer or looking to explore exciting new flavors, make sure to keep an eye out for the Secchi Hoppy Wheat Ale from Ecliptic and Sierra Nevada. This collaboration promises to be a unique and memorable experience that will delight your senses and leave you craving for more. So, mark your calendars and get ready to savor this exceptional beer!


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