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Craft Beer Times | Craft Beer Meets Pickle Perfection: Hi-Wire Brewing & Wickles Pickles Collaborate

Craft Beer Meets Pickle Perfection: Hi-Wire Brewing & Wickles Pickles Collaborate

Craft Beer Meets Pickle Perfection: Hi-Wire Brewing & Wickles Pickles Collaborate

Putting the Funk in Beer with Fried Pickles

How Hi-Wire Brewing and Wickles Pickles Turned the Beer Game Upside Down

Beer and pickles might seem like an unlikely combo, but Hi-Wire Brewing and Wickles Pickles have proven that the two make for the perfect pair. In a world where breweries are constantly searching for new and exciting flavors to satisfy their adventurous customers, Hi-Wire and Wickles have gone above and beyond with their latest creation – the Wicked Hula Pickle Beer.

So, how did these two unlikely partners come together to create what could arguably be one of the most unique beers the world has ever seen? It all started with their mutual love of funky flavors.

Two Brands, One Love for Funky Flavors

Hi-Wire has made a name for themselves as a brewery that isn’t afraid to experiment with unconventional ingredients. From lavender to jalapenos, their beers have raised eyebrows and excited taste buds for years. Wickles, on the other hand, has been revolutionizing the pickle game since 1998 with their spicy and sweet bread and butter pickles. When the two met, it was only a matter of time before they joined forces to create something truly wicked.

The Birth of the Wicked Hula Pickle Beer

So, what exactly is the Wicked Hula Pickle Beer? First, Hi-Wire took their popular Gose beer style and infused it with real Wickles pickles – which is basically like adding liquid pickles directly to the beer. Then, they added fresh pineapple juice to create a tropical twist that perfectly balanced the tangy pickles. Finally, they added a touch of toasted coconut for a little extra kick of flavor. The end result is a beer that’s both salty and sweet, with a punch of pickle and a subtle hint of island paradise.

The Wicked Hula Pickle Beer’s Reception

While the combination might sound strange to some, those who have tried the Wicked Hula Pickle Beer swear that it’s one of the most delicious brews you’ll ever taste. So far, it’s been a huge hit among beer connoisseurs and pickle lovers alike. In fact, the Wicked Hula Pickle Beer was so popular that it sold out shortly after it was released.

Many breweries reach out to other companies for collaborations, but few come up with something as unique as what Hi-Wire and Wickles have created. The Wicked Hula Pickle Beer is a testament to the power of combining two unique flavors for something that’s truly unforgettable. Who knows what Hi-Wire and Wickles will come up with next – but one thing’s for sure, it’s bound to be epic.


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