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Craft Beer Times | Dale’s Pale Ale Gets a Makeover: Introducing Oskar Blues’ New Beer and Packaging

Dale’s Pale Ale Gets a Makeover: Introducing Oskar Blues’ New Beer and Packaging

Dale’s Pale Ale Gets a Makeover: Introducing Oskar Blues’ New Beer and Packaging


Oskar Blues, the American craft brewery, has announced that it is extending its flagship Dale’s Pale Ale with a new beer and a refreshed look. The announcement comes as the brewery seeks to revamp its line-up of popular brews to cater to a growing market of craft beer enthusiasts. The new beer, named Dale’s Pale Ale 2.0, is a nod to its original namesake but has been updated with a more modern twist. The refreshed look, on the other hand, is aimed at attracting a new generation of beer drinkers, who are looking for a more contemporary and edgy brand.

A closer look at Dale’s Pale Ale 2.0

Oskar Blues has carefully crafted Dale’s Pale Ale 2.0 to appeal to modern beer lovers. One of the most notable updates is a tweak to the recipe, which has resulted in a more robust and hoppy taste. The beer is also brewed using premium American malts and fermented with Oskar Blues’ signature ale yeast to produce a classic American Pale Ale. The new beer will be available in six-packs of 12-ounce cans, making it the perfect size for a casual evening with friends or a weekend BBQ.

Tasting Notes

Dale’s Pale Ale 2.0 is a hoppy beer with a nice balance of malty sweetness and bitterness. It pours a bright orange color with a tall, frothy head that doesn’t dissipate quickly. The nose is full of grapefruit and pine aromas with hints of malt backing it up. Upon first sip, you can taste the smooth and creamy maltiness, followed by a grapefruit hop bite in the back of the throat. The finish is dry and crisp, making it the perfect beer to quench your thirst on a hot day.

The Refreshed Look

Oskar Blues has also given Dale’s Pale Ale a fresh new look. They’ve retained the iconic blue and red color scheme, but have added a more modern and edgy twist. Gone are the days of simple text and logo designs; instead, Oskar Blues has incorporated bold graphics and graffiti-inspired fonts, perfect for a brewery that prides itself on being unconventional and rebellious.

How it stacks up against the competition

Dale’s Pale Ale has been a favorite among craft beer enthusiasts for many years. It’s won numerous awards and has a loyal following. With the addition of Dale’s Pale Ale 2.0 and the refreshed look, Oskar Blues is showing that it’s keeping up with the times and is here to stay. Craft beer enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest, and with Dale’s Pale Ale 2.0, Oskar Blues is making a strong play to retain its market share.


Oskar Blues’ new Dale’s Pale Ale 2.0 and refreshed look are a testament to the brewery’s commitment to innovation and creativity. The new beer promises to be an instant favorite among craft beer enthusiasts, with its robust taste and premium ingredients. The refreshed look is also a clever way of attracting a new generation of beer drinkers who are looking for something with a little more edge. With these updates, Oskar Blues proves that it’s still one of the best American craft breweries out there. So, raise a can of Dale’s Pale Ale 2.0 and let’s cheers to the future of craft beer.


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