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Craft Beer Times | Documentary Captures the Magic of Lambic Brewing with The Coolship Has Landed

Documentary Captures the Magic of Lambic Brewing with The Coolship Has Landed

Documentary Captures the Magic of Lambic Brewing with The Coolship Has Landed

The World of Lambic Brewing

Lambic brewing is a traditional method of brewing beer that is native to the region of Pajottenland in Belgium. It is a beer style that is known for its complexity, sourness, and unique flavors. Lambic is made using a wild fermentation process that involves leaving the beer in open-air containers called coolships. This process is what gives Lambic its distinct flavor and character.

A New Film Puts the Spotlight on Lambic Brewing

Recently, a new film was released that tells the story of one of the oldest Lambic breweries in Belgium, Brasserie Cantillon. The film, titled The Coolship Has Landed, explores the history and culture of Lambic brewing, and how it has evolved over time.

The Coolship Has Landed is a fascinating and insightful documentary that offers viewers a rare glimpse into the art of Lambic brewing. The film takes viewers on a journey through the brewing process, from the creation of the wort to the blending and bottling of the finished product. Along the way, it provides a wealth of information about the history and cultural importance of Lambic brewing.

The Making of The Coolship Has Landed

The Coolship Has Landed was directed by Daniel Irons, an award-winning filmmaker who has a passion for beer and brewing. Irons spent several years researching and filming the documentary, which showcases the beauty and intricacy of Lambic brewing.

The film features interviews with a number of key figures in the world of Lambic brewing, including Jean Van Roy, the head brewer at Brasserie Cantillon. Van Roy is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on Lambic brewing, and his insights into the process are invaluable.

The Coolship Has Landed also features stunning footage of the Brasserie Cantillon brewery, which is a masterpiece of design and engineering. The brewery is located in a historic building in Brussels, and everything about it has been designed to promote the best possible flavor and quality in the beer.

The Importance of The Coolship Has Landed

The Coolship Has Landed is an important film for anyone who loves beer or is interested in the art of brewing. It offers a unique perspective on the Lambic brewing process, and provides valuable insights into the history and culture of this fascinating beer style.

Moreover, The Coolship Has Landed elevates the art of Lambic brewing to a new level. The film showcases the dedication, passion, and skill that goes into creating these complex and unique beers, and it makes it clear that Lambic brewing is a true art form.

In conclusion, The Coolship Has Landed is a must-watch documentary for beer lovers and brewing enthusiasts. It is a powerful and inspiring film that celebrates the beauty and complexity of Lambic brewing, and it is sure to leave viewers with a newfound appreciation for this ancient and fascinating beer style.


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