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Craft Beer Times | Dogfish Head’s New Year-Round Addition: Hazy Squall IPA with Talea and Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City Collaboration

Dogfish Head’s New Year-Round Addition: Hazy Squall IPA with Talea and Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City Collaboration

Dogfish Head’s New Year-Round Addition: Hazy Squall IPA with Talea and Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City Collaboration

Big News in the World of Craft Beer

Year-Round Addition to the Dogfish Head Lineup

Craft beer fans, get ready to add a new beer to your regular rotation. Dogfish Head has announced that their popular Hazy Squall IPA will now be available year-round. This juicy and hazy IPA has been a favorite among beer lovers since its debut as a limited release last year. Now, you’ll be able to enjoy it any time you want.

The Hazy Squall IPA is brewed with a blend of juicy hops that give it a tropical fruit flavor. It has a smooth mouthfeel and a cloudy appearance that is characteristic of the hazy IPA style. This beer is perfect for summertime sipping on the patio, but also ideal for pairing with spicy foods like Indian curries or Mexican tacos.

New Collaborations with Talea and Wes Anderson

If you’re a fan of Dogfish Head, you might also be interested in their latest collaborations. The brewery has teamed up with Talea Beer Co. to create a special beer called Talea x Dogfish Head Surfer’s Blood. This hazy IPA is brewed with blood orange and passionfruit for a tropical and citrusy flavor. Talea is a relatively new brewery, founded in 2019, but they’ve quickly gained a reputation for creating creative and exciting beers.

Dogfish Head has also partnered with filmmaker Wes Anderson’s new venture, Asteroid City, to create a beer that celebrates both art and science. The beer, called Neapolitan Complex, is a nod to Anderson’s forthcoming film The French Dispatch. This complex beer is brewed with vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate notes for a complex and satisfying flavor.

Why Dogfish Head is One of the Best Craft Breweries in America

For those who aren’t familiar with Dogfish Head, this brewery has been at the forefront of the craft beer movement since its founding in 1995. What sets Dogfish Head apart from other craft breweries is their innovative spirit. They’re always experimenting with new ingredients and brewing techniques to create beers that push the limits of what’s possible.

Another reason why Dogfish Head is so beloved by beer drinkers is their commitment to quality. They use the best ingredients they can find to brew their beer, including fresh hops and locally sourced fruits and herbs. They also have a state-of-the-art brewery in Milton, Delaware, which allows them to maintain tight quality control over every batch they brew.

Finally, Dogfish Head is also known for its fun and irreverent branding. Their labels are always eye-catching and playful, which makes their beers stand out on store shelves. They also have a playful sense of humor, which is evident in the names of some of their beers (like Namaste White and SeaQuench Ale).

In Conclusion

Dogfish Head’s latest announcements are just a reminder of why this brewery is such a beloved part of the craft beer community. With their commitment to quality, innovation, and fun, it’s no wonder that so many beer lovers are loyal fans of their beers. Whether you’re sipping on their year-round Hazy Squall IPA or trying one of their new collaborations, you’re guaranteed to be drinking some of the best beer that America has to offer.


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