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Craft Beer Times | Elevating Lambic Brewing: Film Explores the Coolship Technique

Elevating Lambic Brewing: Film Explores the Coolship Technique

Elevating Lambic Brewing: Film Explores the Coolship Technique


The world of beer brewing is fascinating and ever-changing. It seems that there is always something new and exciting happening in the world of craft brewing, whether it’s a new yeast strain or an innovative brewing technique. One such technique that has been gaining popularity in recent years is the use of a coolship in the brewing process of lambic beer. This traditional method of brewing has been around for centuries, but it has experienced a resurgence in the craft beer community. Recently, a new documentary film was released that showcases this technique and the art of lambic brewing.

The Coolship Brewing Technique

The coolship is a large, shallow vessel that is used in the brewing process of lambic beer. It is designed to cool wort (unfermented beer) to allow wild yeast and bacteria to inoculate the beer. This is what gives lambic beer its unique sour and funky flavors. The coolship is typically made of copper or stainless steel and is designed to be as flat as possible to maximize surface area. The entire process takes place in a large, open room to allow the yeast and bacteria to enter the beer naturally from the air.

The Art of Lambic Brewing

Lambic beer is a type of sour beer that has been brewed in Belgium for centuries. It is made using a specific type of yeast called Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus, a type of bacteria. The beer is brewed using a blend of malted barley, wheat, and aged hops. Unlike most beers, lambic beer is fermented with wild yeast and bacteria, which gives it a distinct sour flavor. The art of lambic brewing is all about patience and time. The process can take anywhere from several months to several years to complete.

The Film

The new documentary film, which shares the same name as this article, “The Coolship Has Landed,” follows several different Belgian lambic brewers as they go through the process of using a coolship in their brewing. The film also explores the history of lambic brewing and its cultural significance in Belgium. The filmmakers wanted to showcase the intricate process involved in brewing lambic beer and the artistry that goes into every batch.


The world of beer brewing is constantly evolving, but the art of lambic brewing remains a timeless tradition. The use of a coolship in the brewing process is a technique that has been used for centuries and is experiencing a resurgence in popularity within the craft beer community. The new documentary film “The Coolship Has Landed” provides an in-depth look at this traditional brewing method and the art of lambic brewing. Whether you are a seasoned beer aficionado or just starting to learn about the intricacies of beer brewing, this film is a must-see.


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