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Craft Beer Times | Exciting Lineup: Introducing Earthy Summer Seasonals and Rye Ales from American Craft Beer

Exciting Lineup: Introducing Earthy Summer Seasonals and Rye Ales from American Craft Beer

Exciting Lineup: Introducing Earthy Summer Seasonals and Rye Ales from American Craft Beer

Exploring Earthy Summer Seasonals

As the temperatures rise and the sun begins to shine, beer enthusiasts around the world eagerly look forward to indulging in refreshing summer seasonals. These brews are crafted to complement the warm weather, and one category that stands out for its unique flavor profiles is earthy summer seasonals.

What Makes Earthy Summer Seasonals Unique?

Earthy summer seasonals are often characterized by their use of unconventional ingredients, resulting in distinct flavors that set them apart from other styles. These beers often incorporate elements like herbs, spices, fruits, or even floral notes, bringing a refreshing twist to the traditional beer experience.

Notable Earthy Summer Seasonals To Try

1. “Herbaceous Hefeweizen” – This delightful brew combines the classic German wheat beer style with the addition of herbal flavors like sage and thyme. The result is a crisp and aromatic beer with a unique twist.

2. “Tropical Tangerine Pale Ale” – Bursting with juicy tangerine flavors and a hint of tropical fruitiness, this pale ale is perfect for those seeking a fruity beer with a touch of bitterness.

3. “Lavender Lemon Saison” – This saison incorporates the calming essence of lavender and the zesty tang of lemon into a light and effervescent beer. The floral aroma and citrusy notes make it a refreshing choice for warmer days.

Rye Ales: Bold and Spicy

If you’re looking for a beer with a bit more intensity and a spicy kick, rye ales are a fantastic choice. These beers showcase the unique flavors of rye malt, providing a bold and robust drinking experience that can’t be replicated by other grains.

Embrace the Robustness of Rye

Rye ales are distinct due to the spiciness imparted by the rye malt. This spicy characteristic pairs exceptionally well with other bold flavors, giving the beer an added level of complexity. Expect a dry finish and a lingering warmth that is perfect for cool summer evenings or as a counterbalance to hot and spicy foods.

Recommended Rye Ales to Savor

1. “Rye Redux IPA” – Combining the hop-forward nature of an IPA with the spicy notes of rye, this beer delivers a one-two punch of bitterness and boldness. The rye malt adds an earthy and peppery backbone to the hoppy flavor profile.

2. “Roasted Rye Porter” – Dark and rich, this porter showcases the deep flavors of roasted malt and the spiciness of rye. With hints of chocolate and coffee, this beer is a bold and satisfying choice for those who enjoy a darker brew.

3. “Rye Saison” – This farmhouse ale combines the fruity and spicy characteristics of a traditional saison with the added complexity of rye malt. Expect a dry and refreshing beer with a touch of spiciness that lingers on the palate.


As summer arrives, take the opportunity to explore the world of earthy summer seasonals and rye ales. These unique and flavorful offerings are sure to enhance your beer-drinking experience, whether you’re enjoying a sunny day by the beach or savoring a tasty barbecue. Don’t miss out on the chance to try these exciting new brews from the American craft beer scene!


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.

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