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Craft Beer Times | Exploring Ube Yams and Dragon Tales: Embracing Diversity in L.A.’s Brewing Scene

Exploring Ube Yams and Dragon Tales: Embracing Diversity in L.A.’s Brewing Scene

Exploring Ube Yams and Dragon Tales: Embracing Diversity in L.A.’s Brewing Scene

Ube Yams and Dragon Tales: Finding Diversity in a New Generation of L.A. Breweries

The Brewing Scene in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has always been known for its vibrant food and beverage culture. From its wide variety of cuisines to its diverse range of craft breweries, the city has something to offer for every taste. Over the past few years, a new generation of L.A. breweries has been emerging, adding a fresh and unique twist to the local beer scene.

Diversity in Flavors

One of the standout features of these new breweries is the incredible diversity in flavors. Gone are the days when beer was limited to traditional styles like pilsners and IPAs. Today, Los Angeles brewers are experimenting with ingredients and flavors from around the world, resulting in a rich tapestry of unique brews.

Ube Yams: A Purple Surprise

One particularly interesting flavor that has gained popularity in L.A. breweries is Ube yam. Ube, also known as purple yam, is a tuber commonly found in the Philippines and other parts of Southeast Asia. Its vibrant purple color and subtly sweet taste make it a perfect addition to beers. Breweries in L.A. are incorporating Ube into various styles, including stouts, porters, and even sour beers.

Dragon Tales: Tales of Mythical Brews

Another fascinating trend in the L.A. brewery scene is the use of mythical themes and ingredients. Several breweries have embraced the lore of dragons and other mythical creatures, creating beers that transport drinkers to fantastical realms. From dragon fruit-infused ales to smoky and spicy “dragon breath” lagers, these imaginative brews provide a unique drinking experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Inclusivity and Representation

In addition to the exciting flavors, these new L.A. breweries have also brought a refreshing sense of inclusivity and representation to the beer world. Many of them are owned and operated by women and individuals from underrepresented communities. By diversifying the industry, these breweries are making their mark and breaking down barriers that have long existed in the beer scene.

Community Engagement

Moreover, these breweries are actively engaging with their local communities. They host events that showcase local artists, musicians, and food vendors, creating a vibrant atmosphere that brings people together. In a city as diverse as Los Angeles, these breweries are becoming important gathering places that celebrate the city’s multiculturalism and foster a sense of belonging.

The Future of L.A. Breweries

The rise of this new generation of breweries in Los Angeles is an exciting development for beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike. With their dedication to innovation, diversity, and community engagement, they are challenging traditional notions of what a brewery can be. The future looks bright for the L.A. beer scene as these breweries continue to push boundaries, tantalize taste buds, and create memorable experiences.


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.

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