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Craft Beer Times | Global Alcohol Giant Diageo’s CEO Sir Ivan Menezes Passes Away

Global Alcohol Giant Diageo’s CEO Sir Ivan Menezes Passes Away

Global Alcohol Giant Diageo’s CEO Sir Ivan Menezes Passes Away

Remembering Diageo CEO Sir Ivan Menezes


The world has lost a great leader with the passing of Diageo CEO Sir Ivan Menezes. Menezes, who was at the helm of the British alcoholic beverages company for more than a decade, passed away at the age of 62. His unexpected demise has left a deep void in the company and the industry at large.

Early Life and Career

Sir Ivan Menezes was born in Kolkata, India, in 1959. He attended colleges in both India and the United States, earning a degree in mechanical engineering before beginning his career in business. He joined Diageo in 1997 as a finance director, rising through the ranks to eventually become CEO in 2013, succeeding Paul Walsh.

A Visionary Leader

During his tenure as CEO of Diageo, Menezes was a driving force in the company’s success and growth. He envisioned a future in which Diageo would be at the forefront of the global premium alcohol industry. He restructured the company’s operations to focus on higher-margin brands, made several strategic acquisitions, and expanded the company’s presence in emerging markets. His vision paid off, with Diageo becoming one of the world’s leading alcoholic beverages company under his leadership.

A Respected Global Leader

Menezes was not only a successful CEO and businessman but also a respected global leader. He served on several industry and charitable boards, including the Scotch Whisky Association and the English National Ballet. He was also known for his commitment to diversity and inclusion and was a vocal advocate for gender and racial equality and the LGBTQ+ community.

A Legacy That Will Endure

Menezes’ sudden and unexpected passing has left a profound impact on those who knew him and who worked with him. The void he has left in the company is immeasurable, and his leadership and vision will be sorely missed. However, his legacy will endure, and his impact on the industry and the world will be felt for years to come.


Sir Ivan Menezes was a visionary leader whose impact on Diageo and the global alcoholic beverages industry was immeasurable. His sudden passing is a great loss, but his legacy will live on, and his leadership and commitment to diversity and inclusion will continue to inspire and influence future generations of leaders.


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