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Craft Beer Times | Harper Lane Brewery Expands with MassDevelopment Loan for Taproom Equipment

Harper Lane Brewery Expands with MassDevelopment Loan for Taproom Equipment

Harper Lane Brewery Expands with MassDevelopment Loan for Taproom Equipment

The Growth of Harper Lane Brewery

Harper Lane Brewery is a small-scale brewery located in the Middleborough, MA area. The company was founded by a team of experienced individuals who had a passion for brewing beer. Over the years, this brewery has seen exponential growth and has expanded its business into Middleborough’s first taproom. However, this was only possible due to the help of a generous loan from MassDevelopment.

The Importance of Equipment for a Brewery

When it comes to breweries, the equipment that is used is crucial for the quality and quantity of beer that can be produced. Without proper equipment, a brewery will not be able to make high-quality beer. Furthermore, if the equipment is not efficient, it can also lead to longer production times, which can hinder their ability to keep up with demand.

The founders of Harper Lane Brewery knew the importance of proper equipment and were willing to invest in the right tools to ensure their success. However, the cost of this equipment was beyond their financial capabilities. This is where MassDevelopment came into play.

The MassDevelopment Loan Helping Harper Lane Brewery

MassDevelopment is an agency that serves as the state’s finance and development agency. They offer loan programs for businesses to help them grow, expand, and create jobs in the community. One of the programs that they offer is the Small Business Direct Loan Program.

Harper Lane Brewery was eligible for this program and was approved for a loan of $276,250. This money was used to purchase equipment for the taproom. With this new equipment, Harper Lane Brewery was able to increase their production capacity, which allowed them to serve more customers.

Harper Lane Brewery’s Success

The loan from MassDevelopment played a significant role in Harper Lane Brewery’s success. Without this funding, the founders would not have been able to purchase the equipment they needed to expand their business.

Today, Harper Lane Brewery is thriving with their Middleborough taproom. They have a loyal customer base and continue to create high-quality beer using their new equipment. They also continue to implement new ideas to further their growth, such as hosting events and releasing new beer flavors.


The success of Harper Lane Brewery is a perfect example of how important it is to have the right tools and equipment. Without the help of MassDevelopment’s loan program, this small-scale brewery would not have been able to expand their business and bring excellent beer to the Middleborough community. Their expansion is not only a victory for them, but it is also a win for the community as they have created new job opportunities and bolstered tourism.


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