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Craft Beer Times | Maryland’s DuClaw Brewing Acquired by River Horse Brewing

Maryland’s DuClaw Brewing Acquired by River Horse Brewing

Maryland’s DuClaw Brewing Acquired by River Horse Brewing

Another Microbrewery Acquisition Takes Place

Who are DuClaw Brewery and River Horse Brewery?

DuClaw Brewery, established in 1996 in Maryland, is a renowned name in the craft beer industry known for its unique and innovative flavors. Its flagship beer, Sweet Baby Jesus, made with peanut butter and chocolate, has earned much attention and many accolades. Over the years, the brewery expanded, and its beer has been distributed in almost half of the US states.

On the other hand, River Horse Brewery, established in 1996, is a popular microbrewery located in Lambertville, New Jersey, that prides itself on delivering quality beer that satisfies the taste buds of its customers. Amongst their products are popular flavors like the Tripel Horse, an American style Belgian Tripel that has a 10% ABV.

The Acquisition of DuClaw Brewery

The recent acquisition of DuClaw Brewery by River Horse Brewery has caused a stir in the craft beer industry as enthusiasts eagerly await the great things that will come forth. This acquisition will help to distribute DuClaw’s unique flavors to the rest of the country where it is not yet popular.

The merger of the two breweries is expected to improve the beer recipe, increase efficiency in brewing, and significantly reduce costs of production. DuClaw Brewery will now operate as a division of River Horse Brewery, and the head brewer from River Horse will take over brewing responsibilities for DuClaw. This development is expected to bring more creativity and innovation to their line of products.

The Advantages of the Acquisition

One of the significant advantages of the acquisition is that DuClaw Brewery will reduce production costs, which will enable them to develop new and unique flavors, and offer quality beer at a reasonable price. It will also increase the audience that they reach and be more accessible to beer lovers who were not previously aware of their existence.

The merger will also lead to the creation of new job opportunities in the brewing industry, as the two breweries will require additional staff to meet up with production demands.

Final Words

The acquisition of DuClaw Brewery by River Horse Brewery is an exciting development that is expected to present many benefits to the two breweries involved. This union represents the intermingling of two great brewing minds, which will result in better beer quality, production efficiency, and more innovation. For consumers, this means that they can look forward to a tastier, more diverse range of flavors that satisfy the palate and leave them wanting more.


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