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Craft Beer Times | Michael Waltrip Revs Up Craft-Beer Scene Nationwide

Michael Waltrip Revs Up Craft-Beer Scene Nationwide

Michael Waltrip Revs Up Craft-Beer Scene Nationwide

The Rise of Craft Beer in the United States

Craft beer has become the new trend in the United States. Americans have shifted their beer preference from traditional light beer to unique and artisanal craft beer. The rise of craft beer is not just a trend; it’s a billion dollar industry. The craft beer industry has grown from a few local breweries to a nationwide phenomenon.

The Craft-Beer Scene Nationally

The craft-beer scene has taken the country by storm. Almost every state in the US has at least one craft brewery, with some states having hundreds. Favorite styles of craft beer across the country include hazy IPAs, pale ales, sour beers, and stouts. With the rise of craft beer, beer enthusiasts have become more adventurous with their beer selection, always on the lookout for the latest and greatest brew.

Michael Waltrip and His Love for Craft Beer

Michael Waltrip, a renowned NASCAR figure, is one of the people who have been riding this wave of the craft-beer trend. As a former professional racecar driver and current NASCAR commentator, Waltrip is now expanding his skills to tap into the craft-beer industry. Waltrip is tapping into his love for craft beer and has created a nationwide beer brand – Michael Waltrip’s Race Day IPA.

Michael Waltrip’s Race Day IPA is a delicious beer brewed with a mix of hops, creating a unique flavor and aroma that beer enthusiasts will definitely love. Waltrip’s inspiration for the beer came from his love for motorsports, racing, and beer. He envisioned creating a beer that fans could enjoy while watching their favorite NASCAR drivers race around the track.

Michael Waltrip’s Journey into the Craft-Beer Industry

Michael Waltrip’s journey into the craft-beer industry began when he discovered how much he enjoyed drinking beer. He soon discovered the world of craft beer and how it provided a unique and flavorful experience compared to traditional mass-produced beer. Waltrip saw an opportunity to combine his passions for racing and beer and started working on creating his racing-themed craft beer.

Creating the perfect beer was not an easy task. Waltrip consulted with renowned brewers and beer experts to create the perfect combination of hops. He wanted a beer that tasted great and had a refreshing flavor that would appeal to beer enthusiasts and fans alike. The result was Michael Waltrip’s Race Day IPA, a beer that has received rave reviews from beer lovers and NASCAR enthusiasts.

The Future of Michael Waltrip’s Beer Brand

Michael Waltrip’s Race Day IPA has become a popular craft beer nationwide. The beer is characterized by its unique taste, refreshing aroma, and its connection to motorsports. Waltrip hopes to use his platform as a NASCAR commentator and former racecar driver to expand his beer brand across the United States and globally.

The craft-beer industry is continually evolving, and Michael Waltrip’s Race Day IPA is a perfect addition to the industry’s creativity and uniqueness. Beer enthusiasts worldwide can now enjoy the sport of racing while sipping on a flavorful and refreshing beer.


Craft beer has captured the attention of beer enthusiasts worldwide, and Michael Waltrip’s Race Day IPA is a perfect testament to this phenomenon. This beer is unique, flavorful, and refreshing, making it a delicious option for enthusiasts while enjoying their favorite motorsports events. The popularity of craft beer will undoubtedly continue to grow, and Michael Waltrip has now tapped into the industry, providing beer lovers with a delightful, racing-themed brew.


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.

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