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Craft Beer Times | New Belgium CEO Steve Fechheimer steps down after record growth

New Belgium CEO Steve Fechheimer steps down after record growth

New Belgium CEO Steve Fechheimer steps down after record growth

The Story of New Belgium Brewery and its CEO Steve Fechheimer

The Beginnings of New Belgium Brewery

New Belgium Brewery was founded in 1991 by Kim Jordan and Jeff Lebesch, a husband and wife duo, who were inspired by the traditional Belgian beers. They started brewing their own beer in the basement of their Fort Collins, Colorado home, and soon their friends and family were asking for more. Thus New Belgium Brewery was born.

Over the years, they have become well-known for their flagship beer, Fat Tire, and have expanded their craft beer offerings to include a wide selection of beers such as Trippel, La Folie, and Voodoo Ranger.

CEO Steve Fechheimer’s Contribution to New Belgium Brewery

In 2017, Steve Fechheimer was appointed CEO of New Belgium Brewery after a successful career in the beer and spirits industry. He brought a wealth of experience to the company having served as the Chief Strategy Officer at Beam Inc. and as a global brand director at Bacardi Ltd.

During his tenure, Fechheimer has helped New Belgium Brewery to achieve record growth, expanding the company’s reach across the United States and abroad. He has also been instrumental in keeping the company focused on quality, sustainability, and community building, which have become core values of New Belgium Brewery.

Steve Fechheimer’s Future Plans

After leading New Belgium Brewery to record growth, Steve Fechheimer has announced that he will be departing the company. While the news might come as a surprise to many, Fechheimer says that it is the right time for him to move on to new opportunities.

According to Fechheimer, he wants to take some time to explore the world, learn something new, and spend time with his family. He has not yet announced where he will be going next, but he has assured everyone that he will remain in the beer industry, adding that “Once you have beer in your blood, it’s pretty hard to get it out.”

New Belgium Brewery’s Future Plans

While Fechheimer’s departure from New Belgium Brewery marks the end of an era, the company remains committed to its mission of creating high-quality craft beer and being a responsible community member. The company has already begun a search for a new CEO and intends to ensure a smooth transition of leadership.

In addition to this, the company has also announced plans to open a new brewery in Asheville, North Carolina, which will serve as a second production facility alongside its flagship brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado. This move is set to increase production and distribution of New Belgium Brewery’s beers across the United States.


The departure of CEO Steve Fechheimer from New Belgium Brewery marks the end of a successful era for the company, which has achieved record growth under his leadership. Regardless, New Belgium Brewery remains committed to producing high-quality craft beer and being a responsible community member.

As Fechheimer begins a new chapter in his life, we can only wonder what he will bring to the beer industry next. Meanwhile, New Belgium Brewery continues to be a staple in the craft beer scene, producing innovative and delicious beers that reflect the company’s values of sustainability, quality, and community.


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