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Craft Beer Times | Revolutionary Lambic Brewing Artistry Captured in The Coolship Has Landed Film

Revolutionary Lambic Brewing Artistry Captured in The Coolship Has Landed Film

Revolutionary Lambic Brewing Artistry Captured in The Coolship Has Landed Film


Lambic beer, a beloved Belgian brew for centuries, has a new story to tell. A recent short film documentary called “The Coolship” takes viewers on a journey through the traditional brewing process while highlighting the craft and artistry behind each batch. The film captures the humble beginnings of the lambic brewing tradition, which dates back to the 13th century, and showcases the passion and dedication of brewers as they uphold the tradition to this day.

The History of Lambic Beer

The brewing process for lambic beer is different from other types of beer. The hallmark of lambic beer is the use of wild yeast and bacteria to ferment the wort. This gives it a distinct sour taste and aroma, and it also has no carbonation except for those that happen through secondary fermentation in the bottle. But how did this iconic Belgian beer come to be?

The tradition of lambic beer making can be traced back to the Belgian Senne Valley, where the unique climate and microorganisms affect the creation of spontaneously fermented beer. Lambic beers were traditionally brewed in winter and stored in barrels in cellars, where they would mature for several years. This maturation process would allow the flavors to develop and become more complex over time.

The Coolship – A Short Film on Lambic Brewing

“The Coolship” documentary dives deep into the traditional Belgian brewing process. It features interviews with brewers, who explain the origin and techniques behind their craft. The film also showcases the breathtaking landscapes of Pajottenland, the region where the film was shot.

One of the breweries featured in the documentary, Brasserie Cantillon, is a family-run business that has been brewing lambic beer for over a century. They are one of the rare breweries still producing a completely natural beer, without any additives or preservatives. In fact, Brasserie Cantillon still uses the same equipment that was used by its founder in 1900.

Craftsmanship and Artistry

One of the most impressive aspects of “The Coolship” film is the incredible level of skill and artistry required to brew lambic beer. The brewer’s skill lies in creating an environment where wild yeast and bacteria can flourish, leading to the sour flavor that is characteristic of lambic beers. The brewers in the film explain that the fermentation and maturation processes can take up to three years, and each batch can have unique flavors based on the conditions of the brewery.

The Future of Lambic Brewing

“The Coolship” documentary sheds light on the hard work and craftsmanship that goes into making lambic beer, and it has generated new interest in this traditional style. The film highlights the role modern technology has played in the brewing process and how traditional methods have evolved. However, it also stresses the importance of respect for the tradition and the land that makes lambic beer so unique.

“The Coolship” documentary is a must-watch for beer enthusiasts everywhere. It captures the essence of Belgian lambic beer, highlighting its rich history, the science behind its brewing, and the artistry involved in the process. It’s a fascinating look at how the traditional style of beer has remained relevant in the modern era, and it serves as a fitting tribute to the brewers who dedicate their lives to this craft.


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.

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