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Craft Beer Times | Revolutionizing Pilsners: Modern Craft Beers at Their Best – PUNCH

Revolutionizing Pilsners: Modern Craft Beers at Their Best – PUNCH

Revolutionizing Pilsners: Modern Craft Beers at Their Best – PUNCH

What Makes a Great Pilsner?


Pilsners are a classic beer style that have been around for centuries. Originally from the Czech Republic, this light and refreshing beer quickly became popular around the world and is now brewed by many craft breweries in the United States. But what makes a great pilsner?

The Ingredients

There are three main ingredients that go into a pilsner: malt, hops, and yeast. You want a pilsner that has a light malt character, providing a crisp and refreshing flavor. The hops should add a nice bitterness to the beer while also providing a subtle aroma. Finally, the yeast needs to be clean and crisp, leaving the beer with a smooth finish.

The Design

Modern craft breweries have taken pilsner design to the next level. They experiment with different hop combinations, fermentation temperatures, and aging techniques to create unique and complex pilsners that are still true to their roots. A great pilsner should be well-balanced and refreshing, with the right amount of bitterness and complexity.

Best Pilsners in the Craft Beer Scene

1. Prima Pils by Victory Brewing Company

Prima Pils is a classic German-style pilsner that has won numerous awards for its clean and crisp taste. It has a light malt character with a subtle bitterness from the hops, making it perfect for warm summer days.

2. Mama’s Little Yella Pils by Oskar Blues Brewery

Mama’s Little Yella Pils is a unique take on the classic pilsner style. It has a slightly stronger malt character and is brewed with a blend of three different hop varieties that give it a fruity and floral aroma.

3. Bohemia Pilsner by Cerveceria Naciona

Bohemia Pilsner is a Mexican-style pilsner that is light and refreshing with a subtle bitterness. It has a crisp and clean taste that pairs well with spicy foods or seafood.

4. Noble Pils by Sam Adams

Noble Pils is a hop-forward pilsner that uses a blend of five different hops to create a complex and flavorful beer. It has a light malt character but packs a punch with its hop aroma and bitterness.

5. Pivo Pils by Firestone Walker Brewing Company

Pivo Pils is a Czech-style pilsner that uses traditional Saaz hops to create a subtle bitterness and a spicy aroma. It has a dry and crisp finish that makes it perfect for sipping on a hot summer afternoon.


Pilsners may seem simple, but they are actually quite complex, and modern craft breweries are taking this classic style to new, exciting heights. Whether you prefer a classic German-style pilsner or a hop-forward, American-style pilsner, there is something out there for everyone. So go ahead, crack open a cold pilsner, and enjoy the refreshing taste of this classic beer style!


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.

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