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Craft Beer Times | Sloop Brewing Co. teams up with Jägermeister for unique beer creation

Sloop Brewing Co. teams up with Jägermeister for unique beer creation

Sloop Brewing Co. teams up with Jägermeister for unique beer creation

The Story Behind the Collaboration

A Match Made in Heaven: Beer and Jägermeister

What do you get when you combine a craft brewery and a renowned herbal liqueur brand? The answer is Das Jägermeister Beer. Sloop Brewing Co. and Jägermeister collaborated to create a brew that perfectly blends the distinct flavors of the popular drink.

For Sloop Brewing Co., this collaboration is not the first of its kind. This Hudson Valley-based brewery has worked with other major brands, including Ben & Jerry’s. Jägermeister is known for its distinct herbal flavor that has earned a massive following, especially in the shot category. But when it comes to beer, Jägermeister had never ventured into this territory before. Thus, collaborating with Sloop Brewing Co. was a new venture for the brand.

The Creative Process

Experimentation and Perseverance

Creating Das Jägermeister Beer was not a one-shot deal. The beer took several months of experimentation, brewing, and tasting to get it just right. The goal was to create a beer that had a distinct Jägermeister flavor while still maintaining the classic beer taste. Sloop Brewing Co.’s brewmaster, Justin Taylor, had to work continuously to tweak the recipe until they achieved the perfect balance of flavors.

The experimentation led to months of testing. Jägermeister sent its master distiller, Florian Beuren, to work alongside Sloop Brewing Co.’s brewer. Florian played a vital role in ensuring that the Jägermeister flavor was well represented in the beer. The two teams worked together until they found the perfect recipe.

The Flavor Profile

The Perfect Balance of Flavors

Das Jägermeister Beer has an alcohol content of 8% ABV and an IBU of 50. The ale has a rich amber color and an aroma that combines hops and the herbal notes of the Jägermeister liqueur. The flavor is a balance of crunchy malt sweetness and the herbal notes of Jägermeister. The spice notes of Jägermeister complement the hops, adding complexity and uniqueness to the beer.

The beer’s finish is smooth, making it perfect for pairing with various foods. It is highly recommended for hearty dishes like stews, roasted meats, and spicy dishes. The beer has garnered rave reviews from beer enthusiasts worldwide.

The Availability

Where to Find Das Jägermeister Beer

Das Jägermeister Beer is now available in the US, Germany, and select European countries. The beer comes in 16-ounce cans and is available in six-pack cases. It is important to note that the beer is limited edition and will most likely not be available forever.

In conclusion, Das Jägermeister Beer is a unique and one-of-a-kind brew that combines the best of two worlds. The collaboration between Sloop Brewing Co. and Jägermeister is an excellent example of the power of partnerships and how two companies can come together for a common goal. The beer’s distinct flavor profile makes it an excellent addition to any beer enthusiast’s collection. Try it out today!


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