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Craft Beer Times | The Ultimate Pacific Hops for Rockstar Brews

The Ultimate Pacific Hops for Rockstar Brews

The Ultimate Pacific Hops for Rockstar Brews


It’s not uncommon for musicians to seek inspiration in exotic locations. After all, the change of scenery and new experiences can spark creativity in unexpected ways. But what happens when a rock star hops from one Pacific paradise to another?


Such is the case for Ryan Adams, a singer-songwriter who recently hopped from Hawaii to Fiji on a creative sabbatical. Known for his introspective lyrics and alt-country sound, Adams has been in the music scene for over two decades. He’s released multiple albums and toured extensively around the world.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Adams shared that he needed a break from touring and the pressures of the music industry. He decided to take a break in Hawaii, where he spent several months surfing and writing music. But when he felt he needed a change of pace, he booked a flight to Fiji.

Fiji Adventures

Adams has been documenting his Fiji adventures on his Instagram page, where he has over 200,000 followers. He’s been sharing photos of his daily routine, which involves surfing, hiking, and exploring the island’s natural beauty. He’s also been posting snippets of new music he’s been working on while in Fiji.

One of the highlights of Adams’ trip was meeting the children of Nalebaleba Village, where he performed an impromptu acoustic set. The children, who attend a local school, were thrilled to have a famous musician perform for them. Adams posted a photo of the experience on his Instagram page, writing, “Played some songs for the beautiful kids of Nalebaleba Village today. A moment I will never forget.”


It’s clear that Adams has found a new sense of inspiration in Fiji. In an Instagram post, he wrote, “There are days here that feel like they go on forever. There is nothing but creative energy in this place.” Adams has also shared that he’s been reading a lot while on his trip, and has found inspiration in the works of Mary Oliver and Walt Whitman.

Many fans are excited to hear what kind of music Adams will produce after his time in Fiji. Some have speculated that his new songs will be influenced by the island’s tropical vibe and relaxed way of life. Only time will tell what kind of musical direction Adams will take next.


Rock star Ryan Adams has certainly had an inspiring Pacific adventure in Hawaii and Fiji. It’s clear that his time on the islands has given him a renewed sense of creative energy and purpose. Fans of his music can’t wait to hear what kind of new songs he’ll produce after being in such a beautiful and inspiring place. Who knows – maybe more musicians will follow in Adams’ footsteps and seek inspiration in the Pacific paradise of Fiji.


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