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Craft Beer Times | Lansing Brewing Company Review

Lansing Brewing Company Review

Lansing Brewing CompanyReview
Lansing Brewing CompanyReview
Lansing Brewing Company Review
The Quick Version
Join me, fellow beer enthusiasts, on a journey through the convivial atmosphere of the Lansing Brewing Company, where the warmth of hospitality and a top-notch ambiance complement a pizza so scrumptious it's celestial. While some dishes may not take the express train to flavor city, it's the drinks and pizza that steal the show. The spot boasts post-game vibes perfect for sports fans, an inclusive family meal experience—even if the seltzers are lackluster—and promises gastronomic delights, like the heroic Quinoa Kale salad. Despite a few blunders, like the desert-dry pulled chicken sandwich, the essence of Lansing Brewing Company lies not in culinary perfection but in the memory-making milieu it offers, served with a splash of Midwestern charm and a side of friendship and family.
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Oh hey there, hop-lovers and ale admirers! Are you ready to join me on a fizzy frolic into the heart of Michigan’s craft brewery scene? Buckle up, my thirsty comrades, for we’re embarking on an epic taste odyssey with this super legit, bubbly Lansing Brewing Company Review!

Tapping into the Vibes at Lansing Brewing Company

Picture this: You’ve just waltzed into Lansing Brewing Company, and the cool vibe hits you harder than your aunt’s infamous holiday fruitcake. We’re talking about a spot where the staff greets you with a smile so genuine, it could thaw a popsicle in the dead of a Michigan winter. Add the killer ambiance to that, and you’ve got the perfect setting to chow down on some mouthwatering pizza that’ll have you singing praise to the pizza gods. Sure, a little birdie told me that the spinach dip might have missed the bus to Flavor Town, and the chicken wings could use a GPS to find their way to perfection, but let’s not be downers, right? We’re here for the pizza and drinks, and trust me, they deliver!

The Post-Game Grub Zone

Attention, all football fanatics and Spartan warriors! If you’ve just spent your afternoon yelling “Go Green! Go White!” until you’re bluer in the face than a smurf, Lansing Brewing Company is your next touchdown. Just a hop, skip, and a jump from your beloved MSU campus, this joint is perfect for rounding up your gang for a post-game feast. The place is as spacious as a linebacker’s build and boasts an outdoorsy option for those who like to feel the breeze while they binge. Taking a swig of their divine drink concoctions, I gotta give a special nod to the hard marshmallow cream soda—it’s like sipping on a cloud made of unicorn laughter.

The Family Foodie Expedition

Gather round, my famished families, because this tale of culinary exploration is bound to spark your appetites! Last weekend, a cozy clan ventured into this well-known Lansing brew haven for the first time. Cocktails and seltzers flowed, but the seltzers left their tastebuds yearning for more – I’m talking about a “meh” on the fizz-o-meter. As for noshing, the Brussel Sprouts made a valiant attempt with their trendy shredded look, but alas, they lost some brownie points (or should I say, sprout points?) in the ease-of-eating department.

But fear not, for the Quinoa Kale brunch salad swooped in like a gastronomic superhero! It was a symphony of yummy, especially with that grilled chicken taking center stage. Now, the pulled chicken sandwich might’ve suffered a bit of a Sahara situation, but hey, every hero’s journey has hurdles, right? Will they return? The dice of destiny have yet to be cast!

Deconstructing the Detroit Delicacies

Welp, folks, it looks like we’ve hit a snag with our fourth Lansing Brewing Company review. But you know what? That’s how the beer bottle rolls sometimes. Just like a foamy pint, life can be unpredictable. Hang tight while we circle back to the hoppy highlights!

Pouring the Final Verdict

Sure, there’s room for improvement – maybe a magic sprinkle of moisture on the Spinach dip and a bit more gusto in those wings. But let me spill the tea (or should I say, pour the beer?): Lansing Brewing Company Review ain’t just about the food; it’s about the full-bodied experience.

Imagine yourself surrounded by friends, clinking glasses filled with whimsically named brews, biting into a pizza so good it could bring a tear to a glass eye. Add the afterglow of an MSU victory and the kind company of family, and you’ve got a place that’s more than just a brewery. It’s a bonafide backdrop for making memories.

Oh, Lansing Brewing Company, you may not have won the full Michelin star lineup, but you’ve won our hearts with your ambiance, your spirit, and your genuine Midwestern charm. So folks, come for the drinks, come for the pizza – but most importantly, come for the good times that will have you leaving richer in spirit and full in belly. Cheers to that!


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.

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