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Craft Beer Times | A Delicious Celebration: Braxton Brewing Co. Fuses Cinco de Mayo and Derby Day Flavors

A Delicious Celebration: Braxton Brewing Co. Fuses Cinco de Mayo and Derby Day Flavors

A Delicious Celebration: Braxton Brewing Co. Fuses Cinco de Mayo and Derby Day Flavors

Braxton Brewing Co. Kicks of Cinco de Mayo and Derby Day Tastefully

A Perfect Blend of Tequila and Mint Julep

Braxton Brewing Company has become a haven for beer enthusiasts and lovers of crafted cocktails alike. On May 5th, also known as Cinco de Mayo, the brewery kicked off the celebration with a twist – the perfect blend of tequila and mint julep. The Kentucky Derby’s influence seeps into the Cinco de Mayo celebrations at Braxton. Located in Covington, Kentucky, the brewery strikes an ideal balance and creates a unique blend of cultures for its customers to enjoy.

Cinco de Mayo – An Unlikely Pairing

The celebration of Cinco de Mayo traditionally involves festivities that highlight Mexico’s rich and vibrant culture. The Kentucky Derby, held annually on the first Saturday of May, is an event of a different caliber entirely – a high-class, sporty affair complete with fashion and mint juleps. Braxton’s Cinco de Mayo event was a playful mingling of the two, with a craft cocktail called “Mint Julepeño,” an innovative blend of Woodford Reserve, agave, and a touch of jalapeño.

A Thrilling Derby Experience

To honor the Derby’s Kentucky legacy, Braxton brewery highlighted its Kentucky roots with its craft cocktail menu that includes Kentucky Mule, Old Fashioned, and Mint Julepeño. Customers could also show off their Derby hats and outfits while enjoying the fresh brews, fantastic food, and the live music entertainment.

Braxton’s party vibe and playful atmosphere lent a festive air to the evening’s Derby Day celebrations. The brewery came alive with folk gathered at the taps, chatting and cheers-ing with perfect cheer and enthusiasm that made everyone feel welcome.

Local Beer Meets Tasty Mexican Treats

What would Cinco de Mayo be without tasty treats to snack on? Braxton brewery, which sources its quality ingredients locally, served up delicious tacos from La Mexicana and giant pretzels that perfectly complemented their excellent craft beers.

With the perfect combination of Kentucky Derby-day fun and Cinco de Mayo fiesta, Braxton did not disappoint its guests. The brewery’s welcoming ambiance, top-quality brews, and a wide variety of tasty treats, combined with the lively Derby Day celebrations, resulted in an unforgettable experience for everyone.


By blending two seemingly opposing cultural festivities, Braxton Brewery proved that anything is possible with a touch of creativity and innovation. The brewery’s Cinco de Mayo and Derby Day celebration served as a microcosm of its philosophy, offering something for everyone and making unique memories every day. A trip to Braxton brewery is a must-do for beer enthusiasts and cocktail lovers who like their enjoyment seasoned with a healthy dose of festive fun and a little local culture thrown in.


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