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Craft Beer Times | Books in Michigan: Exploring History, Mystery, and Craft Beer

Books in Michigan: Exploring History, Mystery, and Craft Beer

Books in Michigan: Exploring History, Mystery, and Craft Beer

Michigan: A Hub of Intriguing Literature

From Historical Epics to Mysterious Thrillers

When it comes to literature, there are few places as captivating as Michigan. This fantastic state has long served as a source of inspiration for many talented authors. With a blend of rich history, awe-inspiring landscapes, and a vibrant craft beer scene, Michigan offers the perfect backdrop for enthralling stories that capture the essence of this unique region.

1. The Secrets of Grand Rapids: The Art of Mustard

Step into the enchanting world of Grand Rapids, Michigan, as author Jane Cooper takes readers on a thrilling journey in “The Secrets of Grand Rapids: The Art of Mustard.” This gripping mystery novel follows Detective Ryan Johnson as he uncovers a hidden underground network of mustard enthusiasts, swirling with secrets and intrigue. As Johnson navigates the vibrant streets of Grand Rapids, readers are treated to vivid descriptions of iconic landmarks, such as the bustling Fulton Street Farmers Market and the majestic Grand River.

2. Journey through Time: A Tale of Two Peninsulas

Embark on an extraordinary historical adventure in “Journey through Time: A Tale of Two Peninsulas” by Sarah Thompson. Set in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula during the 19th century, this captivating novel delves into the lives of early pioneers who braved the harsh wilderness in search of a better life. Thompson’s meticulous attention to detail transports readers to the rugged landscapes of the Upper Peninsula, where they can almost feel the biting cold and hear the echoes of the past.

3. Hops and History: Brews & Blurbs

If you’re a fan of both history and craft beer, “Hops and History: Brews & Blurbs” is the perfect read for you. In this non-fiction book, author Tom Sullivan expertly weaves together the fascinating history of Michigan’s craft beer industry. From humble beginnings to becoming a craft beer powerhouse, Sullivan tells the story behind some of the state’s most beloved breweries. Traverse City, Kalamazoo, and Grand Rapids are just a few of the cities you’ll explore as you delve into this flavorful narrative.

4. The Hidden Gem: A Detroit Story

Author Jessica Monroe explores the grit and resilience of Detroit in “The Hidden Gem: A Detroit Story.” Through the lives of three intertwining characters, Monroe paints a vivid picture of the city’s past, present, and future. From the opulent skyscrapers of downtown to the eerie beauty of the abandoned Packard Automotive Plant, readers are immersed in the vibrant and ever-evolving narrative of Detroit. Monroe’s love for the city shines through as she captures both its challenges and triumphs.

Whether you’re in the mood for mystery, historical fiction, or an intriguing exploration of craft beer, these four books set in Michigan have something for every reader. So grab a cozy blanket, curl up with one of these captivating tales, and let yourself be transported to the fascinating world of the Great Lakes State.


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.

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