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Craft Beer Times | California May Expand Availability of Spirits-Based RTDs

California May Expand Availability of Spirits-Based RTDs

California May Expand Availability of Spirits-Based RTDs

Good News for Cocktail Lovers: Spirits-Based RTDs May Be Coming to California Soon

What are Spirits-Based RTDs?

Ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails have been a popular option for those who want to enjoy a tasty drink without the hassle of mixing and measuring. Spirits-based RTDs take it a step further, offering canned or bottled cocktails made with real spirits rather than just malt or wine.

Why Have Spirits-Based RTDs Been So Hard to Find in California?

Currently, spirits-based RTDs are not legal in California. This is because the state’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has strict regulations on the sale and distribution of alcohol. Until recently, only malt-based RTDs were allowed to be sold in California.

However, that could soon change. In September 2021, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill that would allow spirits-based RTDs to be sold in California starting in January 2022.

What Are the Benefits of Spirits-Based RTDs?

One of the biggest benefits of spirits-based RTDs is convenience. They offer a quick and easy way to enjoy a high-quality cocktail without having to go to a bar or spend time mixing drinks at home.

Another benefit is consistency. Since spirits-based RTDs are made with real spirits, you can expect the same taste and quality every time you purchase them. This is not always the case with traditional cocktails, as different bartenders may have different techniques and ingredients.

Will Spirits-Based RTDs Be More Expensive Than Traditional Cocktails?

It’s possible that spirits-based RTDs may be slightly more expensive than traditional cocktails due to the cost of production and packaging. However, they may actually end up being more cost-effective for those who prefer premium spirits in their cocktails.

Since spirits-based RTDs use high-quality spirits, they may be a more affordable option than purchasing a bottle of premium liquor to make your own cocktails at home. Plus, you won’t have to worry about wasting any of the ingredients or purchasing specialty tools.

What Are Some Popular Spirits-Based RTDs?

There are a number of popular spirits-based RTDs on the market, including:

– Canned cocktails from brands like Cutwater Spirits and Two Chicks Cocktails
– Bottled cocktails like those from Sipsmith and On the Rocks
– Ready-to-pour drinks like those from Hotel Chocolat and The Cocktail Man.

With spirits-based RTDs potentially becoming more accessible in California, cocktail lovers will have even more options to choose from. So, keep an eye out for these tasty drinks on your next trip to the liquor store.


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