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Craft Beer Times | Crafting the Perfect Notch Desítka: A Refreshing Recipe for Exceptional Craft Beer

Crafting the Perfect Notch Desítka: A Refreshing Recipe for Exceptional Craft Beer

Crafting the Perfect Notch Desítka: A Refreshing Recipe for Exceptional Craft Beer

Notch Desítka – Craft Beer & Brewing


Are you a beer enthusiast looking to try your hand at brewing your own craft beer? Look no further! Today, we’re sharing a recipe for Notch Desítka, a delicious Czech-style lager that will surely satisfy your taste buds. Don your brewing gear, grab a glass, and let’s dive into the world of craft beer and brewing!

The History of Notch Desítka

Originating in the heart of the Czech Republic, Desítka is a light, golden lager that has been a favorite among beer drinkers for centuries. This traditional Czech-style beer is characterized by its balanced bitterness and maltiness, making it a refreshing and easy-to-drink option.

Gather Your Ingredients

Before you begin brewing Notch Desítka, make sure you have the following ingredients:


  • 8 pounds of Pilsner malt
  • 1 pound of Munich malt


  • 1 ounce of Saaz hops (60 minutes)
  • 1 ounce of Saaz hops (15 minutes)
  • 1 ounce of Saaz hops (1 minute)


  • 1 packet of Czech lager yeast

The Brewing Process

Now that you have all your ingredients ready, let’s dive into the brewing process for Notch Desítka:

Step 1: Mashing

In a large brewing pot, add 6 gallons of water and heat it to 152°F. Crush your grains and add them to a muslin bag. Steep the bag in the water for 60 minutes, ensuring it stays at a consistent temperature.

Step 2: Sparge

Slowly remove the muslin bag from the pot, allowing the excess liquid to drain back into the pot. Rinse the grains with 1 gallon of hot water (around 170°F) to extract as much flavor as possible.

Step 3: Boiling

Bring the pot to a boil and add the first batch of Saaz hops. Boil for 45 minutes, then add the second batch of hops and boil for an additional 15 minutes. Finally, add the last batch of hops and boil for 1 more minute.

Step 4: Cooling and Fermentation

Remove the pot from heat and cool the wort as quickly as possible. Once the temperature drops to around 80°F, transfer the wort to a fermentation vessel. Add the yeast and seal the vessel. Place an airlock on top to allow carbon dioxide to escape during fermentation. Store the vessel in a cool, dark place for about 3 weeks.

Step 5: Bottling

After fermentation is complete, it’s time to bottle your Notch Desítka. Sanitize your bottles and transfer the beer from the fermentation vessel using a siphon. Add a small amount of sugar to each bottle to promote carbonation. Seal the bottles and store them in a cool place for a minimum of 2 weeks to allow for carbonation.

Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor

Congratulations! You have successfully brewed your own batch of Notch Desítka. Now comes the best part – enjoying your homemade craft beer. Grab a chilled glass, pour yourself a pint, and savor the delightful flavors of this Czech-style lager. Cheers to your brewing skills and the wonderful world of craft beer!


Dustin is a writer about craft beer and a professional brewer in the city of Chicago. He has written for several magazines and has over a decade of experience in the beer industry. He is currently working on a book about the history of beer in Chicago.

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